No lights on commercial real time traffic

I have been away for a few months. Upon rebooting and successfully downloading 2 new world updates, I have noticed that real time commercial traffic into and out of major airports display NO lighting. Could it be in my settings or just the way it is?

It’s a bug. They’re “investigating” AI position lights haven’t worked for a while

There are a few topics covering this issue already:

As mentioned above, this is an issue and has been logged by the team. Some further information can be found here: Nothing has been fixed (WU6) - #134

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Live traffic lights are there, at least for GA, I just landed in ZĂĽrich and the sky was blinking with red and green lights.

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Sounds like it would be a simple fix. What’s the holdup?

I wish I knew

What is the status of a bug fix, may I ask?

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