Nothing has been fixed (WU6)

On Xbox there’s no way to adjust the render scale so we’re stuck with this for the time being.


It was already installed -or, at least the “Game Bar” was. So, as instructed, I opened it and then closed it. I then looked for the update - “Your apps are all up to date” Still stuck. :frowning:

It’s not the game bar. There’s another Xbox app. It’s just “Xbox.”

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I made a two hours IFR (EDAC-LIMF with the King Air, roleplaying in Neofly). Everthing was going fine until the approach. I was descending from FLC310 with plenty of miles and time as instructed by the ATC. Suddenly he started to change the flight level request every 20 seconds, saying 6300feet, then 6900feet, then 6300feet again, like 10 or 12 times, while I was still about 20 thousand feet. When on required 6300 feet (tuned the baro with destination ATIS airport) he missed the final 4000 feet level request necessary to capture the ILS.

I’ve experienced some bugs with the ATC before (including the continuous request of FLC when manual flight plan is introduced, not if planned from the map world), but I did not seen anything like this before.

I had not.
Thanks for pointing it out.
Too bad they didn’t get a chance to make this right before they released.

I don’t have comments for all of these but here are some updates:

  • Anti-Aliasing still a big issue. Just as bad as Sim Update 5 –
    • Known issue. Bug has been logged and the team is working on it.
  • No lights on AI planes. Vatsim is a ghost town and almost unplayable due to being unable to spot other planes
    • Known Issue. Current target is SU6 but can’t confirm 100%.
  • Mouse issues: the mouse still pops up, double vision, in VR while using a controller
    • Known Issue. Current target is SU6 but can’t confirm 100%.
  • Unable to disable White Dot (seriously? How hard can it be to add a “Enable/Disable” button in the settings menu?)
    • Feedback has been sent to the team, no updates to share.
  • VR settings menu is missing the terrain pre-cache option (can be fixed in usercfg file for now)
    • Bug logged and the team is working on it. Workaround: Set Render Scale to 100 for PC Users. No known workaround for Xbox players at this time.
  • Tooltips still enlarged and obtrusive (seriously? the old tooltips were excellent. Can we please have an option to have a true legacy mode for these and revert them back to Sim Update 4)
    • This feature is for Accessibility. Turn off Tooltips in the Accessibility Menu
  • Eye with the arrow still pops up when tooltips are enabled
    • This feature is for Accessibility. Turn off Tooltips in the Accessibility Menu

Here I was thinking I was clever by disabling internet while launching the game (thinking I could stay on SU5) but nope of course they’ve thought of that! Wouldn’t allow a launch.

So here I go updating. Reading peoples comments on here have made me ready for more disappointment.

I’ve spent a ton of money on this game and 1 year later this is what I’ve got. I will not spend another penny until Microsoft/Asobo get it together. This is just ridiculous.


Marshaller batton still missing…


What do you have? I have a pretty ■■■■ impressive and gorgeus simulator for my entertainment and enjoyment.

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Yah, ATC altitude bug still there for sure.

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Please, read the feedback at the zendesk…

Thank you for the updates! That does sound hopeful and I appreciate the follow up.

With regards to the enlarged tooltips and eye with arrow, I am not looking for a way to disable them. Rather, I am requesting that we have an option to revert to the style that we had before Sim Update 5. Those tooltips worked much better for PC users who play on a monitor, and they showed crucial information like percentage of throttle/mixture/etc (which is missing from the updated tooltips).

Additionally, I am requesting an option to have the the eye with the arrow disabled, but while having the tooltips enabled like we had before. To me, that eye is totally unnecessary as I know where the knob is located especially if I just moved my mouse over it to see the tooltip.


This is a great update. I was very vocal about the last one, but I haven’t experienced any issues whatsoever as of yet. Stuttering seems to have been vanquished and the new cache feature also gets rid of the nasty LOD pop-in.

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They never really did care about the simmers (there are only very few of us enthusiast level simmers who do it as a hobby), because of course the product has to make $$$, which is understandable.

Sadly, in today’s software development world, producing a steady stream of new features over fixing bugs has become the norm (the new normal, so to say).

MS shows no intensions in making the game “as real as it gets”, but “as beautiful as it gets” and “as entertaining as it gets”. Fair enough, it’s their product.

Sadly, not what I was hoping for.

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Noted, thanks for sharing and I put in a request for this and will see where it lands with the team.


After installing the WU6, the road lights & highway light are disappeared when flying at the night. Does anyone have the same issue??

Cmon man just read the thread. Set render to 100.


set renderscale 100%

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“Nothing has been fixed (WU6)”

All I can say to this is Wat?

I mean holy smokes it looks much, much better now and still runs great. Offscreen terrain pre-caching set to ultra as well as everything else maxed out and even bumping resolution scale to 120 (running a native 1440p monitor) this patch. Anti-aliasing could still use some work and the VATSIM issue is still a pain (both of which have been noted by Jummivana). I was very worried that offscreen terrain pre-caching would kill my FPS but it didn’t do anything to it and looking around with TrackIR there are no stutters nor do I see popping. As a TrackIR user who moves their head around a lot the popping issues drove me up the wall, lol. Saying that nothing has been fixed is dishonest. Are issues still present? Yes, of course and I even mentioned two of them that bug me.