No lights on Svalbard Longyear?

Title basically says it all, did a flight to Svalbard today. Checked yesterday if it had any lights and it did. But with landing today I didn’t have any runway lights. I’m not using any third party Svalbard scenery so anyone have any idea what’s causing this?

Power outage on Svalbard?

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I have noticed this as well maybe two weeks ago. Also a runway on ESSA is broken. Too bad Asobo/Microsoft don’t seem to maintain the functionality of their free airports.

Hmm bummer!

There are over 40k airports in the sim. There bound to be some errors on some of them. What do you mean with lights? Runway lights? Taxi lights? Pole lights?

Basically all the lights used for navigation: PAPI, runwaylights, taxi lights etc

Poles and city lights works

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Ah yes, it should have runway lights and taxi lights. Did you install the Nordics World Update?

Yes I did install the WU

I had this issue today as well, no PAPI lights despite real world charts showing PAPI on Left and Right side