No longer able to quick start the engine in the Daher TBM 930

No addons in the community folder. Not using developer mode.

The keyboard shortcut (CTRL + E) o quick start the engine no longer seems to work for the Daher TBM 930 when spawning in a parked location. I have attempted several different airports and restarted the sim.

Steps to reproduce - select Daher TBM 930, spawn at any airport parking spot, attempt the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + E) to start the engine. Result - shortcut has no effect. Aircraft is still cold and dark.

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anche io non so come fare

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Yes i’ll try next flight

I checked this this morning…Still broken for me unfortunately …can’t start engine…A shame ,it was one of my favorite planes. I did have it active transitioning from update IV to V & it was the first I tried to go with.After some frustration I moved to different plane & noticed other planes work.So I’ve shelved the TBM930 for now

Does the workaround above not allow you to start it? Using the Manual Override Lever first?

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It did work…was onto trying your suggestion as you replied…so happyyyyyy :tada: :partying_face: managed to start engine now.The new skin is gorgeous too ,going for some landmarks.hope i’ll be able to fly it now .if not i’ll get back

Well the engine is on it seems,i have radio contact etc.But the message “engine not on press crtle +e” keeps popping

Some buttons in the cockpit are totally disabled,like in most planes,but at least can fly again yush

Interesting. I’ve never seen that “Engine not on” notification. I’m guessing that might be from some “Assistance” options enabled. Nonetheless, glad to see it worked for you!

it might be mapping issues as @trex5365 suggests in this topic. Engine 1 does not start A320 - #2 by TripsyTipsy
Or maybe framewire issue,as the latest post suggests.
For the larger planes like airbus & boeing the key combo sometimes work partially
Ive had issues on the Boeing too starting engine using key described in the link.A helpful guide can be found there now how to start the Airbus & Boeing manually too.

Since this patch there have been other unresponsive buttons like the b to fix altitude etc & the key combo to balance fuel tank ,crtl+alt & F1 or f2,if i remeber correctly
So the mapping issues might not be limited to starting planes.
Its awesome saucy to be able to fly DaherTBM930 again,thx very much

The TBM is really dead easy and fast to start by hand, I suggest just going though the steps and learning how to do it “for real”…

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Why not just start from the runway where the engine is already running, it works there no problem on my PC.

ah yes,forgot to mention that. Starting from runway with engine on bypasses the issue I found when I went to check @CasualClick 's fix mentioned above.

Personally I do not like to start on the runway.So I only start on runway if its to check on a bug… or if I have limited time

The TBM seems to be the favourite aircraft but now has issues. Now when I throttle up the park brake doesn’t release, even though the cockpit indications show that it is. Also the MFD is now blank and the engine instruments no longer work.

Hello Team,
I just updated my MSFS and now the the battery & generator switches won’t work. “They will not turn off”
Anyone experiencing this? I am using the vanilla version.

Move the Override Lever to Full (forward). Then CTRL-E will work.

Is this a new bug? I was hoping it was just me.