After updating the Microsoft store (600+MB) and starting MFS2020 no download happened just go directly to main menu but version displayed correctly. Sensitivity is back but MARKETPLACE is grayed out and thus no way to download the WORLD UPDATE: JAPAN.

You are not alone

No fix right now as far as I’m aware

Also please upvote this is the bug forum

Hey guys!
Just found the solution!
in your PC find xbox console companion app (I think that this is how its called, my PC is set to hebrew so I guss that how its called in the us market), anyway- Right click on your proffile picture and disconnect- > then open the simulator, you should be disconnected, reconnect and its should offer you to update.
hope its gonna work for you guys,
for me everything is good now.

I can confirm that this works for me! At first the update didn’t show, now I can update!

Thanks dude. It worked!