NO Photogrammetry loads in game

I was having this Azure error today too. Problems with the Azure servers also, I guess.

Yeah I guess I changed nothing at my end, might just leave the sim running in background so won’t break again

mines working again goodie

Photogrammetry and Bing data is working again. But there are still some squares where no data is available. In my case north west from Brunswik Germany no data is shown.

Same here.

Same here. Some patches of missing photogrammetry are small like the size of a block in the city while some are very large areas.

I had the same problem but only 1 day without satellite images. yesterday the updated images of bing appeared in my country and it looked great. today I wanted to take some photos and the old bing images appear again

same here, was just departing VFR EGPH to EGCC on vatsim (forget even the qnh issue)
and not only is half of Edinburgh missing but the entire landscape only has the auto gen ground textures

please i hate to be cynical but apparently that’s how Asobo manag to “fix” things for a year now.

Given we can’t see the results of the vote, can anyone confirm they are still having the issue? I seem to be working ok…

typo updated thanks TranquilitySea

I guess you wanted to say “Given we CAN’T see the results of the vote”…

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Since monday it’s working ok to me.

They never explained what the problem was did they? It would be good to know.

They only said “some adjustments have been made”.

I am still seeing the same low-res patches in the map, even after singout and signin, and after deleting the rolling cache.
One example I am checking (and I appreciate if others share theirs as well) is Kabul airport OAKB where there is a low-res patch on the south western outskirt of the airport. Do others who still have the problem see the missing photogrammetry there too?

After further analysis of these low-res patches, I have a feeling this is Azure AI trying to correct photogrammetry that has cloud cover, as I noticed what appears to be cloud shadows near these patches.

I noticed some of these patches appeared in locations that got new photogrammetry update.

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Yeah, a bit vague. I’d like to know what happened and what they did to mitigate the issue in the future.

The day before yesterday the updated bing images were uploaded to the sim at least in South America, Oceania and the Caribbean, but it only lasted one day. Now the old images have reappeared and what is more strange is that in the microsoft maps app the updated images also disappeared and the old images reappeared, which are the same as the ones used by the sim.

I loaded up the sim just to check after reading this and sure enough, around all of the autogen patches there’s cloud/cloud shadow. Seems this may be the cause of our issue. Good catch

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I had Azure errors too but I found the robot better and clearer, would like to keep it.

I am not getting any photogrammetry when flying over London today.
Is it just me?

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