NO Photogrammetry loads in game

It’s working here again, great.

Still broken for me just tried

Yes now it is working again. Thanks MSFS team.

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Make sure you have Bing data set to ON in the options. Mine had reverted to OFF.

Just checked and it was still enabled and still no bing data showing.

Are you logged in on the Xbox app?

Just did a restart of the PC and now Bing data is gone again. Sad.

I have no idea why the bug thread on this item was closed. It should have been left open so people know where to go to get updates for this issue.

Microsoft/Asobo, can we get periodic updates on where you are with this? It would be good to get some accountability on this issue and how Asobo/MS plans to avoid such issues in the future. Also, what is the SLA on issues like this? I hope the SLA on issues such as this isn’t open ended. There has to be accountability for such an outage and a target timeframe for a fix.


[KNOWN ISSUE] Bing data streaming - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Be patient :wink:

funny how this was an issue since SU5 at certain locations like some areas in scottland and sweden… and almost always was brushed of as a user error. …well at least it is looked at now!

Took them 4 days to acknowledge this while people were doing full reinstalls because their friends’ were working fine? Where is the accountability? Also, it should be a given that the team is aware of the situation and currently investigating. What I’d like to know is what happened, what is the tentative ETA for a fix, and how will MS avoid such a disaster from happening again in the future?

Ya I did 4 reinstalls, that’s like 700gb with the world updates each time. Would have not don’t this if they said there was an issue

calling a few days without great visuals a “disaster”…

asking for things that will be done in the future to avoid such “disasters” to ever happen again…

are you serious?

If you reinstall the sim several times because you are the only one out of your friends with the problem, it certainly is a disaster. It consumed days of reinstalling and hundreds of GB of data. So yes, I am very very serious.

They should have stated something on this forum to let people know. It’s the least they can do for their customers.

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in all seriousness and without beeing rude… what made you believe several reinstalls can be of any help?

see… i had this error for 2 weeks straight. and it took me less than a few hours to find out that i’m not alone with this… long before this thread even existet. :man_shrugging:

I really don’t get the toxcity here recently… may it in that unworthy " i want my sim back"-thread or the constant xbox-blaming…

edit: erased the “namecalling”


Well, read your post, you are rude. Calling people crybabies for demanding rightful answers is rude don’t you think? Toxicity starts because of posts like yours, ie name calling. I suggest you stop your name calling if you’d like to see less toxicity in this forum.

Why don’t you spare yourself from typing and read the thread and see what others and I have said. The answer will be there for you.

btw - I do believe it is passive people like you who give Asobo and MS a free pass when they release disaster after disaster when it comes to this sim. It allows them to dodge accountability. The SU5 debacle was only a month ago for crying out loud (and the serious bugs are still not fixed).

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well… i have great fun with that disaster and debacle full of serious bugs.

sad that it don’t work out for you. :innocent:

Good for you. Have fun.

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I have patches of the map not loading photogrammetry, and just today I noticed the online ATC voices not available. I had to return back to the airport and postpone an important VFR trip in the Karakoram mountains until this is fixed.

Just restarted pc and sim and have maps back after 2 day absent, although now am getting a azure error for atc voice and have robot atc