No Takeoff Warning Stuck On - Citation Longitude

Just had the February 2023 update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In my citation I am quite impressed with the new Garman. But just one problem that I’m struggling with and I maybe missing something so small and silly but how do I get rid of the No Take off warning which is showing here?

Thank you.

Try this:

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Hi there, the NO TAKEOFF is showing because of your stabilizer trim setting. You need to trim up until the pointer is just in the green. You also need to set flaps to 1.

The NO STANDBY DATA is BigCow74 explained. I don’t think the NO STANDY DATA causes the NO TAKEOFF warning.

Click on Aircraft Systems on the home page of the Garmin, and then select Synoptics and click on Pre-Flight, it will show you what you’ve missed.

Oh yes and as CplPhokett pointed out release the parking brake.


Ah yes Steve. Give me a few minutes. Will try this now. I did not think of that. Brilliant suggestion. :slight_smile:

check the Longitude Manual
this is a really good manual with a lot of informations, i really like it.

as i see, steve was faster with the answer.


I had to ask on the forum a few days ago, and some kind person pointed me in the right direction.

The first time I encountered this “No Takeoff” warning, I sat for 5 minutes trying to figure it out.

Turns out, the Parking Brake was on.

I felt so dumb. :laughing:


Steve, your a legend. Thank you very much.

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No problem, pleased to help. Enjoy your flight :grinning:


Thank you !! Another example of really helpful feedback to get us underway… Great guidance !


regarding take off and landing data I noted that the manual of garmin G5000 in the page landing config does not have the autothrottle option that instead appear in in the sim. This option i very useful because when activate, I suppose, decrease automatically the throttle to idle when you are few feet above runway and disengage autothrottle when you touchdown.
landing Config

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from where do you have this manual?

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could you post the picture, I didn’t find it

I don’t fly the Longitude, but the switch is on the left in the picture you attached.

fine “stdby pwr”. thank you. Should the CAS message disappear immediately when switch is in on position?

I recently switched to the Longitude from the CJ4 & had this annoying no takeoff warning also. On the left yoke, I adjusted the stab circled in red. It was an easy fix after some research. Hope this helps.

Great suggestion BISCAYNE2062 thank you.

I’ve tried all the above and the plane has no power. Would completely removing the flight simulator from my hard drive as well as the Steam application fix the issue? This didn’t start happening until the February 2023 update was installed.


You shouldnt have any issues starting up a plane. Thats a strange thing to happen. Can you record your cold start up and send me a link so i can see whats happening or you can hit me up on Discord and i can see if I am able to help you out when I get home from work?