Noob question about controller/plane attitude

Hello, I have a very basic question as the noob I am, I’m using a ch yoke for this sim. For instance lets say I’m flying north and then I do a turn to the east, then I let the yoke come back to center but plane continues turning at the same rate even when the yoke went back to center position. All i wanted to ask if it is the way its supposed to act and I need to rotate the wheel in the opposite direction to come back to a level flight, or if my settings are wrong. Thank you in advance.

Depends on the bank of your turn. A small turn it should level out on it’s own (if trimmed - eventually) when you center the yoke. A decent turn you will need to counteract the direction with the yoke to level out. In a real plane it would be much easier (except the possible crash part) and you would also have feedback. Your settings seem fine, the game yokes while nice aren’t like actual airplane yokes. I don’t believe they center.

A yoke works differently from a steering wheel on a car. When you initiate a bank turning the yoke, the plane doesn’t return to level flight when you re-centre the yoke. It “stays” at that bank angle, more or less. Depending on the angle, it could bank more or slowly level off.

In order to level back, you need to turn the yoke in the opposite direction until the plane is level again, and then return to centre.

There’s nothing wrong with your settings. That’s how it works.

It is a bit more complicated than that and FlightSim is wrong compared to my real life flying.
When you turn the yoke to the right the aircraft moves a bit to the left initially.
Look up adverse yaw in Google.
When you move back to centre in a real aircraft yes it does actually level the wings but the adverse yaw has to be overcome again in the opposite direction so you tend to give a correction for that too.
If you want to avoid slip or skid in a turn use a bit of rudder to get the ball in the middle.
Turn off Auto Rudder in settings to practice this.

Thanks for your answers, I’m glad there is nothing wrong with my controller settings.

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