North Sea Industry

Be that as it may, new records have been set in the North Sea project. This is something that didn’t exist before:

It wasn’t always easy to integrate these partial polygon monsters into MSFS. I sometimes had to deal with highly complex rigs. One of the rigs consists of almost 7 million polygons and is also animated. This is unique and this level of detail has never been seen in a flight simulator before :slight_smile:

I was just clarifying the point about it having a record amount polygons for a scenery. But kudos for adding a very complex model and well done to Asobo for making an engine that allows it :clap: . There really are some beautiful sceneries out there now. I remember when complex models were seen as a negative point for perrormance reasons but it’s great that we get to enjoy them in this way.

I cant see any mention of the north sea package on the list. Do you think it will come on Xbox still? It will be great for the helicopters we got.

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