Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and Southern Lights (Aurora Australis)

I would love to see some northern and southern lights in the skies would you? Hopefully this feature can be implemented into the simulator or by third party in the future.

I’m sure this is already in the list of things planned, but the atmosphere of this game is already so beautiful, that the lack of Polar Lights would be deeply disappointing, and I’m sure everyone would greatly enjoy seeing the Aurora while flying over polar routes. I know I certainly would, and I haven’t had that pleasure since FS2004.


Hoping they will add Svalbard’s main airport - would be a great place to take off from and have a look at those beautiful lights, with a backdrop of dramatic mountains all around.


Maybe there is also a data provider for real time coverage? After all there are forecast maps with probabilty of visibility.

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That definitely sounds like something they can add to their weather parameters. Though I would also prefer that not be an actual manual weather parameter, but just something controlled in live weather.

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I think they could integrate some Northern lights data from Noaa and other observatory. I use Hello Aurora app on my phone and it’s using lot of data that I think could work very well in Flight Sim.

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I would love to see it too!


Really really good idea. Hopefully would be implemented realistically and accurately, and not for the sake of them being there.


Yes it sure would suit the simulator as there are already stars and the moon

Not just the Moon - it shows correct Moon phases and even location, successfully replicating solar/lunar eclipses!


Yes it’s sure does and solar eclipses as well

Seeing the northern lights in reality was always a dream of me, which I was not yet able to accomplish. I had no luck on my last finland trip :pensive:

Imagine how it would feel to start a flight in the northern hemisphere knowing that maybe northern lights are waiting up there for you :smile:


SWPC and NOAA has raw data dumps available in different formats like JSON, shouldn’t be an issue at all. Spaceweatherlive gets all their data from those sites i believe, or directly from the different dedicated sites for the satellites used to predict and measure the solar wind. There’s also magnetometers stationed all over Norway, Finland, Sweden, Alaska, Canada and Russia to measure the actual geomagnetic disturbance from the aurora in real time

I have seen them a few times in Michigan in the north they are absolutely beautiful and hopefully one day you can see them as well ! This feature would be awesome for the simulator!

Don’t forget the southern lights. It happens around both poles.


Very true it’s basically the same concept but of course we definitely need this

It’d be really nice to see a more accurate night sky. You can see WAY too many stars. An average human can see down to about mag 6 in perfect viewing conditions and no light pollution. The in game sky shows everything down to at least mag 9 or 10 regardless of whether you are flying out in the boonies or over a large city. It also doesnt simulate the full moon glaring out half the sky. Seeing too many stars actually makes it more difficult to be able to star-navigate.

It’s very minor in the big scheme of things and many people wouldn’t even notice these changes but as a stargazing nerd I’d love it, along with appropriately modelled auroras, meteor showers etc.


Implementing northern/southern lights would be absolutly amazing !!

I like the fact of being able to recognize constellations in the sky, the moon too… but why not Mars, Saturn or Jupiter for example ? These are so easy to see with naked eyes and are a good way to follow directions.


Well written it helps with all of these amazing stars :star: already visible just need some light Auroral!

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Yes it would and it was the first thing that come to my mind was this feature and by the looks of things many others would love to see it . And you are right there is navigating with the stars so that is a good start !

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