Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and Southern Lights (Aurora Australis)

Well, as the title says, it’s possible to see them today, or it’s something developers would have to implement as an event.

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Not implemented in the sim, and would require a major overhaul of the engine probably.

I’d love to see a DLC or third party add-on years from now that does sub-orbital flights in space planes like Virgin Galactic. Adding auroras for LEO flights and orbits would probably be a big feature then.

A friend sent me a photo as he flew the north atlantic yesterday and it was incredible. This would be a really amazing addition to the visuals indeed… I’d absolutely upvote this idea.

Could probably be done with a shader. I remember Bethesda did a great job using them in Skyrim. Was lovely to watch the skies. The project has them on their globe to help you see where Aurora may occur/be visible.
earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions

I think its possible and probably won’t require an overhaul. I believe FS2004 and FSX had it.Shoudn’t hard for this one

Would love to see this.Its not impossible.Was present in the previous Microsoft sims.

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Same here the more this gets voted and it’s pretty close to getting on the wishlist as I know would make flying in the northern or Southern Hemisphere! Certainly would be a great feature and much more immersive!

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Hi @Benismobil, thanks for the suggestion. Since we recently added the ability to Vote on topics, we have been trying to merge any duplicate threads. That way the votes do not get split, and it helps us judge interest in certain recommended features. If you don’t mind, I am going to merge this topic with another that has quite a few existing votes (100+). If you feel strongly about this feature request, I would encourage everyone to click the vote button in the new thread. Thanks for understanding!

Yup. It is surely possible without too much effort and would be nice to have.

My take is that there is more important things atm for the devs, but I am actually sure these will be in the sim, since everybody loves seeing them.

Oh, I really hope to see it in the simulator some day. Like you, I’ve seen it in real life and it is breathtaking. It would be something else to be flying around in Alaska or something and not even expecting it, and then there it is!

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Absolutely it is absolutely gorgeous and to see this in the sim would be such a great benefit to those who may never see it ! I think it will look awesome for the night skies in both of our hemispheres!

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Yes! This should be added for sure! I’m flying right now (in-game) and was thinking how cool it would he to see it. Super glad to see I’m not alone that wants the Polar lights to be added

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Just been watching a documentary on TV that showed penguins in Antarctica, how they survive the coldest winters on our planet in almost total darkness for months, only lit by the moon, stars and southern lights and my immediate thought was how amazing it might be to see that in FS.

Nice to know I’m not the only one who likes to see that.

Maybe a polar themed add-on could be a great idea, with improved map details and airfields (List of airports in Antarctica). Specialized aircraft and region specific phenomena (not only aurorae, but also spinning compass needles or freezing oil and fuel lines) also come to my mind.

Lockheed LC-130


Oh i saw that one too such a beautiful documentary. This would certainly up the standards in the night skies if implemented. I’m happy as well I’m not the only one who wants this added. Thank You for voting and sharing your thoughts very much appreciated!

This would be super cool. Just making a bush mission with BushMissionGen around northern iceland. Searching for a mod to show northern lights but this thread is all I could find.

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There are no auroras in the game, at least I haven’t found any, and they are quite visible. I would really appreciate if they were added to the game.


Yes not yet hopefully in the future this feature can get implemented. It would really punch up the night sky in the evening in the northern or Southern Hemisphere! We all need to vote vote vote to get this on the list !

Would love to see that implemented!


Completely agree with you. Too many stars everywhere, I know it looks beautiful and cinematic, but this is simply super unrealistic. I hope at least we can have an option to turn it off or a slider to reduce it.

Looks nice, which game is this?