[Northern Sky Studio] - PAJN Juneau International Airport


It looks gorgeous.

Ooh, I’ve flown in there a few times IRL, and the OrbX FSX ported scenery included with the Alaska DEM add-on is pretty wretched (2D tires on vehicles really jump out), so going to have to jump on this. I have lots of NSS Hawaii stuff and it’s great.

(Also, NSS in Ukraine, and has been working on sceneries between power outages, so this has been some seriously hard work.)

This is one developer that deserves all the support we can muster! Unfortunately, it’s still listed as “Coming Soon!” on the menu page, and it’s not showing up in the Central app. This airport has a very interesting approach, so it will be a frequent destination once it’s available.

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It is available now.


Not sure how can I delete the free simple version of PAJN which included in Orbx Alaska Mesh, in oder to install this without overlapping, but still keep Alaska Mesh add-on.

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The Orbx product page states that “If using Orbx’s Alaska Mesh, please ensure this version of PAJN has higher priority in scenery order.” But it does not say how to do this …

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Kinda annoying that they didn’t tell us how to do this, but I think this may be how. I haven’t tried it yet though… Towards the bottom with the package reorder description.


Hope Orbx will update a version without free version PAJN in Alaska Mesh add-on.

Saving this comment. I wish Asobo hadn’t messed with the old “content.xml” system in place before SU 10…it was a far more intuitive system for ensuring the correct load order of things.

In my opinion Orbx Central should take care about that.