Not Good News

I’ve been sick for a few weeks, and didn’t touch the sim, and today, I sat back down and decided to fly a little. Started up Track IR and then FS. The sim came up, and I went to my favorite airport and my 152, and…

TrackIR is not working, at all. I used END to switch between the cockpit and outside, and when I switch to cockpit view, I get remnants of the outside view HUD. I decided to try the instructional tutorial, and as soon as I get to the Use Mouse Right to look around, nothing works. It sits there like it’s waiting for me to complete something.

After rebooting the sim for the 5th time, TrackIR started working and then dropped out again. When I went to the Controls menu and clicked on TrackIR, it has settings from another controller listed on my system, and nothing under the default.


Hope you get on the road to recovery soon. In the meantime, you’ll want to read through this.

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