Not receiving the 2202 AIRAC Update

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Not receiving the recently announced 2202 AIRAC update.

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Quit MSFS.
Restarted the XBox console.
Launched MSFS. (No update observed after checking for updates.)
Created an ILS flight with the stock A320Neo.
Checked the AIRAC dates in the FMC: still seeing the JAN27FEB23/22 dates.
PC user in another thread reports having FEB24MAR23/22 in the A320.

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Also see this thread where I first asked how to check because I suspected I was not getting the announced update:

At least one other XBox user has reported the same situation.

Just a question, were you in the beta?

Yes; I had participated in SU8 Beta. Prior to the production release of SU8 I removed myself from the XBox Insiders group so was back at SU7 level when SU8 was released.

I concur I didn’t receive it either. I verified through FMC that I still have old data.

Okay, looks like is not related then.

Still on 2201 and no update for the game for me on Xbox too

I hope today we receive the update for the airac, my hometown airport modified SID/STARs

Nothing today so far; I’ve checked twice including fully restarting the XBox in between.

Yeah, i just checked as well and nothing, we can try flagging this thread to get any mod attention. Jk or not? lol

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Since this thread doesn’t seem to be catching their eye I’ve just submitted a Zendesk request.


@FieldGunner Creating a zendesk ticket seems to be an appropriate course of action, according to this post:

It may be helpful to share any response you receive from Zendesk with other affected users in this thread (together with the zendesk ticket number, if appropriate).

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“Thank you for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support. Your request (151188) has been received. Our team will respond as soon as they are able.”

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So, I couldn’t help but wonder if participating in SU8 Beta had somehow left something amiss with my install. So, I removed all add-ons then deleted the game entirely. After that I did a fresh install with nothing but the base package and the discovery flights that are included in the base. Still no 2202 AIRAC update. :frowning:

I have no airac 2202 on xbox too :confused:

I received the following update to the ticket this morning:

Hi Rick,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support today and bringing this matter to our attention. We will need to review the information before coming back to you. We appreciate your patience while we forward your message to our team of experts. Depending on the complexity of your question/issue they may need several working days before being able to come back to you.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team


That’s doesn’t mean nothing, why they take so long just to release the update for xbox. 🤦🏻

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Can someone please release the update for xbox??

I received the 2202 AIRAC update this morning when I launched MSFS. About 7.3Gb.

Hopefully this resolves it for other XBox owners as well.

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Yeah, looks like it has been released the AIRAC update, but there’s something else in the build i don’t think 7.42gb only for the nav data.

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I got the update to the ticket this morning about it being resolved:

" Hi Rick,

Thank you for your patience while the team was investigating. The issue should now be resolved. Feel free to let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team
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