Not seeing problem with trees here....Drop a photo / let's compare

Thank you for your help!

Huh? I was guestimating the altitude in your screenshot, which would cover the missing trees in the distance with trees in the front, nothing more. Why would I need to “better position my stand”? I thought we were discussing an issue with Flight Simulator and not having a contest. Also, hardware has very little to do with it, because that is only relevant for the render perfomance, not for how many trees are being rendered at Ultra settings. I don’t know what your problem is, but the tone of your reply to my post is entirely uncalled for.

EDIT: just noticed. There it is in your screenshot. The areas above the red line should have dense trees too. All the way to the horizon. Used to, anyway. Not anymore. Don’t look down, look towards to the horizon. Trees close to the aircraft aren’t the problem.

But now I’m out of this thread. See ya.


Try flying at higher latitudes, the grids for draw distance seem to reduce the closer you get to the poles.


Thank you…I could try that…be more specific?

You better give me an altitude too…since it seems to be s sore spot. lol. I want to do this just right!

Wherever, just pick somewhere up north (eg northern Scandinavia perhaps!) and see if your draw distance is affected.

There is an extremely comprehensive bug report on old distances here too LOD Problems - Distances revisited

And conversation regarding latitude effect starting here Comparison between release vs - #49 by CptLucky8


Poor tree draw distance is an issue affecting everyone, even at the highest settings. OP’s screenshot actually show very poor draw distance compared to how far it used to be. OP may be happy with what he’s getting, but it’s still nothing compared to how it used to be.


Jigsaw407 has just demonstrated to you what the problem is on your own screenshot. So you are also experiencing it in the same way as everyone else. The tree draw distance before the last patch was higher because I could not see the blurry line and now it is quite apparent. Sometimes it looks better but other times it is really noticeable and looks terrible.


it is clear here too

Thank you for your input, but our shots are not even close, no matter how many times or people say it. :wink:

Yes. It’s not as good as it used to be, which is what everyone here is saying. It used to extend to the horizon.

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What do you mean? People are pointing this out on your own screenshots - the ones you posted. See the post just above this.

The tree draw distance used to be much better, now it’s worse, and it’s apparent from the screenshots you have posted.

If you don’t mind that, that’s fine, but it’s been repeatedly proven (in your own shots too) that draw distance used to be much better.


Hmmm…I’ll have to take your word for it. I’m thinking nobody ever saw what I used to see. Did they…compare it to that? But I thank all that wanted to say the same thing. :sunglasses:

Lol yea he probably thought you were attacking him by saying you’re not high enough to see the issues. I giggled when I read his response knowing you’ll think, where did that come from?! Lol.

Understood…Thank you. But to say mine is as bad as his. They are certainly not the same. Mine used to look like his, but after update it does not, with noticeable improvement. Will it get better, who knows…I hope so too, of course. But for now, it’s better than what he has, although, it is not to the infinity line that they remember it to be. Cheers! :100: :+1:

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Actually, the default draw distance is approx 4nm. With the Trees Draw Distance Fix by FSBlog it was 10nm before SU3.

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The main difference I notice is mountains where a road or river runs up the side. The extended draw distance in the past would cover the poor rendering of distant rivers and roads but no longer does. (RTX3070 on ultra at 1440p)


I’ve noticed the reduced tree range on my system too, would love to have it restored. The sim is running much better in VR now on my Quest 2, but rather than being the results of fixes, updates and better drivers it seems to be a combination of downgrades that make it run better.

LOD distance noticeable reduced, and the latest Quest 2 link version 27 update has nerfed 80Hz and 90HZ so 72 Hz is forced.

So, yes, I’m enjoying MSFS more now than before, but only because I’m running at 72HZ and my draw distane has been nerfed, not really progress.

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It is worth noting that people in the past running with trees on medium or high would have had a similar draw distance to now.

The reduced draw distance is compared to the old ultra, or in particular the old high or ultra with one of the tree distance mods (that no longer work) installed.

Those mods pretty much doubled the draw distance (even on medium settings to save FPS). You got to set your trees to high or medium to get less trees spawning close by and trash your frames BUT could extend the distance they spawned with a mod that extended draw distance without changing the number of trees spawning close by.

The OP seems to be saying, “compared to my old settings I notice no difference”. that may well be true if he was not using a draw mod to extend the draw distance, especially if he was previously on high.