Now if I had one guess about the upcoming World Update X

Ukraine and Antonov An-225 as Local Legend I hope :vulcan_salute:


Or it’s raspberry. There’s only one man who would dare give me the raspberry …

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L-O-N-E S-T-A-R-R!

UPDATE: NOW we need this aircraft, too:



Correct ! As mentioned I have not downloaded the Reno or Top Gun DLCs but do not begrudge them creating it or others enjoying it. The more fans and money into this industry the better for all of us. And who knows, this sim that we are all so interested in may never have been developed at all if it was not for projected additional users through these features. I would be surprised if the funding made sense if targetting the xplane user base only.


By that logic nobody can ever comment on or criticize anything ever unless they are they one calling the shots. They know best, we just gotta trust them.

You are right, we gotta trust that they do what’s best for the franchise, but part of that is voicing our concerns so they have the information. For example, if you’d like them to spend money on creating…I dunno…an x-fighter next, then you can create a wishlist post for it. Personally I’d rather they teach ATC that Europe uses QNH for baro for example…but hey, that’s just me (yes I know they are different teams…but ultimately everything comes down to where budget gets allocated).


Just having a basic understanding of how business works, I’m fairly sure that creating a 40th anniversary edition has nothing whatsoever to do with improving ATC. It’s likely to be an entirely separate budget stream, Microsoft funding a special commemorative edition, with its own budget, release timeline and development schedule.

As a company, Microsoft will want to ensure that their longest running franchise gets lot of publicity, attention and new users to the platform.

It’s like a country putting in a bid to host a world cup or an Olympics Games, and people grumbling that they shouldn’t be doing that until they invest more inner city housing or until they have tightened tax laws for online companies, the two have nothing to do with each other.

That’s a fair point, and I actually agree somewhat. But I also think in both cases the optics of it just aren’t good.

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What might be neat (not saying I expect it to happen) is an integration of the truck and train simulation franchises into the MSFS world. Those games would get better scenery and we’d get better landmarks (highways and railroads). A lot of the places I fly don’t have roads or railroads represented beyond a line in the graphics on the side of a hill/mountain. It’d be nice to see some improvement in that regard.

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What time should the update be available?

I think usually they have been available 4pm UK (ie 2 hours ago) - so I have no idea on this one !

People have the wrong idea. The world update isn’t coming out today. And it wasn’t meant to be announced on Sunday either. On the development update, it clearly said that World Update X is “TBA” (to be announced) on the 14th June, which is today. So expect only an announcement today I guess.

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s that a World Update coming out next Tuesday on the Roadmap? Yep! Details soon…

Coming out it said so let’s see :+1:

FYI, this is the roadmap. TBA, to be announced, 6/14:

here we go

It is… The US

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And a Beechcraft

a world update must be coming today, future dates show no mention until WU 11 in Sept. The ( ) must mean the day its coming out, so i guess its late

It’s the USA… AGAIN… 2 world updates for the US…

the update is the USA? that’s awesome because i think the maps are in big need of an overhaul…USA looks like ■■■■ compared to the updates to the rest of Europe etc in my opinion


World Update X is now confirmed to be the USA and has been released. It would now be best to continue in any of the relevant topics or the discussion here:

Thank you.