Now waiting for Hotfix 2

No more “fixes”. Just give us back SU4


So annoying and frustrating.


We can’t go back to SU4 because it would mess up the Xbox since it is all the same code.

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True…but the xbox users are paying a cheap monthly price. We purchased the full thing before even release. :frowning:


I would suggest you log into your Microsoft account and against the game you can log a poor performance report.

I’ve done this and requested a refund though I doubt I’ll get one.


OK, per the wonderful @Jummivana here’s an update – at least they’re aware of it and will fix it soon!


Says they’re testing. After this week that is meaningless.


honestly, I know that some aren’t experiencing issues with the update. that said, it seems that after every update, WU or SU, something goes wrong for people. Fixes that were suppose to be fixed but weren’t. Flight dynamics broken by incorrect flap settings, etc. It all boils down to quality control. Microsoft, now that the Xbox launch has happened, please give Asobe the time to release quality update. Ditch the road map.


You could of done the same thing on gamepass

Last August before it was available? I wish.

CTR+E still don’t for TBM (autostart engine)


I also can’t be doing with going back to SU4 & the dodgy framerate. Sod that

Longitude Speed strip colors gone. No longer shows at what speed flaps can be deployed, stall speed, over speed.


Recently arrival and departure airports history not saved, but I think this was broken before SU5.


No Realtime Airline traffic showing up anymore. I see other players, but no scheduled airlines.


I see plenty of live traffic with Little Navmap. And I see it on the screens of all my planes, but not in the Longitude for some reason. Haven’t tried the TBM to see if it’s an issue with the G3000 since I can’t get the throttle to work any more after SU5.

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Some issues I have encountered -

  • Still cannot climb well in the airliners. Maybe temperature related?

  • ATC still cannot decide what altitude the plane is at. Keeps complaining about expediting even though instruments show correct altitude. Maybe add a callout as to what altitude ATC thinks the airplane is at?

  • Spoilers are still not working with bound keys. Have to extend them manually, but can be retracted with one-button input.

  • Real time traffic is broken. - May be traffic at my location, or density. I can see ONE nameplate as a player, but nobody else over Tokyo Narita?

  • STAR and VIA charts shown on world map are not clearly labeled (just a purple color). Maybe this is a feature? It is quite different, and a bit jarring, also seeing how the airlines would have to perform contortions to conform to some of the patterns as denoted.

Thankfully, I have not had any real crashes since the hotfix, but making regional flights is quite … interesting and frustrating, though certainly doable.



I’ve been with this sim as one of the original Alpha and Beta testers, and am really starting to believe this sim will never work properly – even at the end of their supposed 10-year road map. This is ridiculous! This picture shows all about the wrong temperatures.


Folks like to say, “they’ll fix it don’t worry.” They’re correct BUT this is beyond getting old…last August just as many issues.

Still waiting for a press release or something from them.


I see other player, just no Real-time airline traffic. I just took these photos in KMIA. Not one commercial airliner in sight.