Now waiting for Hotfix 2

After I little testing, it seems the Tail#, and Callsign and Flight Numbers remain the same, unless you go into the customization option and change them yourself, even though they are blank. Loaded up at KBKL and the plane showed the tail number I entered and the ATC recognized my callsign and flight number. Went into KTEB and it stayed the same, so maybe it’s not a bug after all but a design decision.

That’s completely insane. Might as well add Windows to the list.

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It does seem that way, but how do you make it go away? Frequently when I fly a tubeliner, the livery itself comes hardwired with a tail number, but one that I purposefully put onto a 172 just doesn’t want to go away, even when I hit “No” for “show N-Number” or whatever it actually says.

Or, I guess it could be me, when I see the field for one is blank, I might be overlooking the show/don’t show choice box.

How you can ruin a working program with an single update is already a top performance!!!

How you can ruin a working program with an single update is already a top performance!!!

Have you not ever heard of Windows Vista? :slight_smile:

Why share this? Totally unhelpful in my opinion.

I have had no CTDs at all and FPS has been decent too. But the colors of the world , what have they done? Its a bleached, oversaturated mess. Its like flying in an overexposed movie.


I raise your Vista and invoke Windows ME

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CDT loading not played the sim since update 5 before that not a single CDT update 5 was a killer for me

What about a second hotfix ? Does Asobo work on it ?

I have so much CTD’s and temperatures at altitudes are too high and my planes can’t climb well. That causes altitudes values falses too.

Makes me wonder their test strategy. We live in an age of DevOps where build and test are automated either fully or to a very large extent.

Even when testing isn’t fully automated, it still covers all important paths and scenarios building a certain degree of predictability and stability.

I guess we will never know that part.

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There is no need for an 'hot’fix.
There is a need for a general step.
A step back to SU4, because this is a broken game after update to SU5.
They have to fix it, but not in a hot way. They have to make it slow and strongly to remove this Xbox code.


I also was not very happy with the SU5 update. But now, after some days knowing that Asobo restricted memory usage to the needs of Xbox S I lost all hope that this will change.

I made the decision to arrange myself with it and try to get most out of the game by tweaking options and configs.

The good thing is: I don’t need new hardware for years to come because I believe that my rig is even better than the next version of Xbox.

It’s not quite as simple as releasing a hotfix. The core of the sim is to blame for the graphics downgrade due to it being optimised for Xbox.

A hotfix is used to fix minor bugs such as the flap issue a few months ago. All the devs did there was update the aircraft config files and roll them out as a small hotfix.

If the devs rolled back to SU4 you’d lose the SU5 optimisations and the Xbox crowd would be in uproar. If you optimised SU5 for high end PCs again Xboxes and low to mid range PCs would be affected.

So the challenge the devs currently face is how do we give high end pc users their ultra graphics whilst keeping the Xbox optimisations.

I would imagine that the devs are working hard to fix it but they are probably faced with their biggest challenge since the release a year ago. This might explain the lack of communication from the team. If they don’t know the answers how can they tell the community.

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I expect the only statement or communication will come in tomorrow via the dev update.

It will be a lot of words that have been sanitized of any actual meaning and value by the Microsoft PR team. It will leave the fanboys with a warm, fuzzy feeling over the belief that MS actually cares about them, and will leave those with issues frustrated by any meaningful information being provided.

If we’re lucky, we may get a patch tomorrow, or at the very least an announcement that one is coming. I would suspect if it’s not out tomorrow, next Tuesday or Thursday at the soonest. Or maybe the fix will come with the World Update in late August. Who knows? Asobo have shown themselves to be very hotfix-averse. They don’t like patching outside of their regularly scheduled update cycle.


They should make the game fully stable (ideally via a hotfix) and after that they should refrain from changing too much too fast, and should adopt a more X-Plane-like kind of testing, with long public testing and release patches only when they are ready.

MS probably wouldn’t want to make it that way though.


That’s got nothing to do with SU5, in fact it started 3-4 days before SU5 was even released. The data coming into the sim is just wrong, especially with regards for high altitude winds and altitudes. Until it’s fixed, and I have no idea whose responsibility it is to fix it, the workaround is to use a weather pre-set when going above FL180.

I am experimenting with REX weather to see if that allows me to use live weather and not have those problems, but if their weather source is the same one Asobo/MS is using, it won’t. Regardless, I already had that, and I would not recommend buying something just to solve what ultimately will be a temporary problem.

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REX is using metars, which don’t provide any information on altitude temperature whatsoever - opposed to the meteoblue data that the sim is using when outside of a METAR validity range (lateral and vertical).

Update on hotfix: