NVIDIA 466.11 drivers released (MSFS VR fix included)

I don’t think you can switch to steam vr with a MS Store FS anyway

The advantage would be if you want to use SteamVR overlays such as OVR Toolkit or fpsVR, both of which I find to be useful (though doing this will still not give you access to SteamVR motion smoothing). It seems to be agreed upon here that using SteamVR for your OpenXR runtime rather than WMR OpenXR will yield noticeably less performance overall, and the G2 is already starving for performance due in large part to its very high resolution.

My G2 is stuck with in the repair process with HP, and there seems to be no end in sight. I have no empirical data to back up this claim, but it seems to me that the Steam VR implementation is much more efficient than the WMR one. I can push more pixels with higher framerate with higher settings on the Index than the G2, and I don’t know why this is. I will do some more tests with my G2 if and when I ever get it back.

Ok, thanks for helping me to understand it.

Isn’t the difference in performance mainly just due to the G2s higher resolution?

I don’t have the MS store version, but I didn’t think it was the case that Steam vs MS Store had any bearing on the question at hand.

Yes you can and it is already documented:

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

Additional Comments | Windows Mixed Reality | You can use the SteamVR OpenXR driver with any WMR headset

To my knowledge you can’t add MS Store FS to Steam Library, not directly. This takes building a proxy impostor instead, a launcher, which will impersonate the app in the Steam Library. Not worth it though.

Geeeeezzzz…sorry to hear about your G2. I appreciate your info.

You would think so. I’m actually pushing (significantly) more pixels into my Index than I was into my G2 because of supersampling, which makes a very big difference in the readability of text in the cockpit.

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Ooh OK, did not know this!

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Thanks for the explanation. I won’t even try to run it in Steam.

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I have a “fix” for the HP Reverb G2 that riffs off CptLucky8’s high value settings on Steam for the Valve Index but instead is for the G2 in WMR reality. It works great out in the country (Mann Gulch, MT) but is jittery as hell over Manhattan, NYC. In my ignorance, it suggests to me that there is a big difference in MSFS performance for vector-based drawing (and associated textures) vs. 3D photogrammetry. I have another set of settings that I’m working on to deal (rather badly so far) with Manhattan and the like.

Perhaps this can be like Fermat’s Last Theorem so if I get run over by a truck tomorrow, there will be an interesting puzzle to figure it out if it’s real. But since I’m mainly flying GA out in the middle of nowhere, I think the “solution” will work nicely for anyone else like me that’s not a real simmer flying in and out of airports in big tube liners over big cities. The wife wants me to live in the real world for now-and not talk how amazing MSFS VR is to her, anymore!


Took the plunge on 466.11 - 2070 super - i5 9600k 5ghz Reverb G2

Working well. Smoother than 457.30.

Motion off
Hags off
Game off
Oxr 60 preview off
Taa 70
Olod 90
Tlod 90
Clouds ultra
Glass refresh high.
Default nvidia cpl

From GA bush flights to the FBW a320 IFR Jacksonville to Orlando. It was very enjoyable. Minimal stutters but very good all round with my setup.

I feel your pain. My G2 was out of commission for over two months while waiting on first, a cable, and then, a replacement headset. The cable is the most likely point of failure but if that’s been replaced and the headset still is dead, then the headset is the problem. HP really has a problem if they cannot diagnose which part is the problem, and have to replace one after another, as was my case.

FYI - I am running the Windows Store version and don’t have any performance complaints. I can’t directly compare to the Steam version, but I have not read anything here that would push me to one delivery method over the other - both are the same software.

Curious to hear your thoughts on SDE between the Index and G2. I have a Index but the SDE gets a little annoying as it’s always apparent with sims.

I never tried Index, but I had Rift S and now have G2. For me, despite the G2 shortcomings, the difference is huge. Rift S was always slightly blurry in details, and SDE was always there. Not very annoying, as the brain could filter it out for the most part, but always there. And if you wanted, you could clearly see the pixels and the black borders between them without any problem. With G2 everything is extremely sharp, no SDE whatsoever. I can “guess” where the pixels are if I see contrast lines without good aliasing, but no black borders between pixels are visible at all, so no SDE. The difference is enormous. No, Index has a bit better resolution than Rift S, but not by much.

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What you’re seeing is maybe something else.

I’ve both G2 and Index and I can tell there is no SDE with the Index either.

However you can see another effect which is due the very nature of the LCD screen refresh process, especially when looking at bright areas like the sky (hence maybe why it is more prominent in simulators)

With respect it’s without a doubt SDE (for me) as in the gap between pixels and it is there with everything, it tends to be more apparent in sims given we look toward the horizon. How apparent tends to be subjective and a function of how well your eyes focus on the lcd. The vertical strip column is separate issue that I see occasionally too and have adjusted for it in SteamVR and this reduces that for the most part. As a comparison with my 2560x1440 monitor I can see SDE if I move around 1-2 inches closer.

Ok this is mostly likely why you can see SDE and I can’t :rofl:
My eyes are way too old to even be able to focusing at such a narrow distance!

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I’m no spring chicken myself :wink: mid summer at best… eyes are decent. Yeah I’m weary of how subjective all things VR can be for people. The 2 bug-bears for me with Index after 2 years are glare & resolution with SDE being related to that. FOV and focal clarity across the lens are great as are adjustable refresh and brightness.

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I have several different glasses and one of them, an old one, eliminate completely SDE in my Rift CV1, and the image still crisps, but obviously not as crisps as another one I use as it’s smaller and more recent. So I understand what you said here :wink:

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