Nvidia DLSS support

Unpopular opinion incoming…

The consoles don’t support DLSS, but they do support the upcoming cross-GPU and open DirectML Super Resolution. That is most likely what game devs will spend time implementing, they get a bigger return on their time investment. It’s also backed by Microsoft.

Can’t say I’m personally a big fan of proprietary features that are locked to a GPU vendor either. I know many people are loyal to a brand for life so it matters less to them, but many others buy both Nvidia and AMD hardware, myself included.


You have no clue what you’re talking about… I have 3080 and on cyberpunk maxed out at 1440p I only get 30fps with dlss off. When dlss is enabled I get 90fps maxed out and the game even looks better. Are you on a 10 series card or on an AMD card? 30 FPS on a tittle that came out in 2020 is unacceptable… specially on high end hardware. I do understand that back in the day when fsx could be push to a stable high FPS people resigned to the fact that 30fps was okay and that’s fine, but we should accept that now days with the amount power the new hardware has. DLSS will absolutely demolish the FPS on this game and make it an amazing experience.


My guess is they will first finish DirectX12.
After it’s released, they will work in DirectML implementation.

And after this, they will work in DLSS 2.0.

I don’t really know (and it seems like almost no one knows this as well) how DLSS 2.0 is implemented in a game from a development standpoint (the pratical in-engine process), but:

“It should be straightforward if a game already supports temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), Tamasi said, and if it doesn’t, enabling DLSS 2.0 is similar to implementing TAA”

Source: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3533463/nvidias-faster-better-dlss-20-could-be-a-game-changer.html


I would say DLSS 2.1 is desirable. Especially because DLSS 2.1 adds VR support. Because VR depends heavily on supersampling and even the new 30XX cards are having a hard time achieving anything close to 40FPS in VR. If we could leverage DLSS for the supersampling we could get a pretty significant jump. So lets hope after the switch to DX12 we can get DLSS 2.1.


Hey Asobo :slight_smile:

nVidia got DLSS 2.1 in the Line which supports VR and Dynamic Resolution. I would love to see that, because it can make VR such a great experience. Speaking for myself: i got a 5900X and an RTX 2080, yet the VR Mode is pretty sluggish. DLSS 2.1 would improve that by a very big margin. Even the Mid-End Cards (2060 and alike) would greatly benefit from this. Added bonus is that non VR Players can enjoy higher Framerates at higher settings.

Implentation seems not to be that hard when i talked with a game dev - so give it a shot (please!)


I would crawl head down on my knees to worship this.

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How dare you presume what a person “NEEDS” in a simulator. I, personally do need greater that 30 FPS when I play MSFS. 30 FPS, to me, isn’t smooth enough for me to enjoy it, If you like 30 or even lower, so be it. You play your game how you wanna play it, but don’t come on here and tell others what they need.

‘How dare you’ … !!

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go search youtube for 3090 8k gaming. its possible, but who got an 8k screen, right?. 2nd: did you ever play VR? 30 FPS in VR is a nightmare. You need at least double that, or for a perfect experience 90. so yes we absolutley need DX12 and DLSS (or similar) to get there. stop being a grumpy cat, and stop telling people what THEY need.

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The consoles don’t support DLSS, correct, but the consoles have their own upscaling technology instead which does the exact same thing since the Xbox One and Playstation 4. For the Playstation its called “checkerboarding” and for the xbox its called DirectML on their latest iteration of the console.

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I am not only think its much more important than having trains or helicopters, no, I say we just need it to have headroom for them.

Thank you.

On the last Q&A this was brought up and they don’t even have plans of implementing it after the DX12 upgrade. I am personally going to resign to the fact that the development for this sim will go slow slow… maybe Nvidia resizable BAR helps a little with the FPS inconsistency.

Remember that DLSS doesn’t improve performance directly; it can only increase upscaling quality when you’re using a lower render resolution to reduce the amount of compute power needed for the rendering of each frame.

You can already do this resolution reduction, at slightly lower visual quality, by setting the “render scaling” slider in the graphics settings.

If you set it at, say, 50%, you might see a dramatic performance improvement, or you might see little or no performance improvement, depending on how much the CPU threads are limiting the performance versus the GPU itself.

I recommend that everyone interested in DLSS try setting render scaling to 50% or 70% and compare the performance and appearance against your current settings:

  • if it doesn’t run faster, then DLSS will not help you
  • if it runs faster, then DLSS could give about the same performance at a higher visual quality
  • if you’re happy with the render quality at that scale, then you don’t have to wait for DLSS

[Personally I run at 70% scaling at 4K on an RTX 2070; this approximately evens out the CPU main thread and GPU work times on my system, giving me a more consistent frame rate versus 100% scaling. It would look a little crisper with DLSS if supported in the future, but it looks pretty good to me now and I find it very enjoyable to fly in.]

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I see that Q&A and it seems that the voting system ( I am not very happy with that) here has an major impact to their scheduling. Voting this high maybe attempt more attention to DLSS.

Next ASOBO must fulfil the promise to squeeze the sim in the Xbox (that has no DLSS because its TeamRed based). They will need each and everything to get acceptable performance from the Xbox so we have a good chance to see noticeable performance boosts also on PC.


Voted. DLSS will allow high fps with 4k monitors until next GPU generations

DLSS 3.0 is supposed to be compatible with almost every game with TAA


Looks like DLSS and RTX won’t be coming earlier than 2022, after watching the Dev Q&A. I’m going to keep my 1080Ti until MSFS will use these before upgrading, maybe to a used RTX 3080, or a new RTX 4080.

Dev are currently focusing to make the game available for Xbox which doesn’t support Nvidia RTX and DLSS.

I just received my RTX 3070, and it’s just an amazing technology where it’s supported. Please get this implemented.


I’m sure DirectX 12 has it’s own technology similar to DLSS? As the next major release for MSFS will be the Xbox (which is DX12) then I imagine this is what they will focus on.

Sure, DLSS looks a bit sharper than the current render scaling, but it does a similar job. Besides, as the Xbox is AMD based I wouldn’t expect to see Nvidia’s DLSS anytime soon.

It doesn’t matter what’s in the Xbox, PC users play mostly on Nvidia cards, that’s a fact.
Asobo needs to integrate DLSS, they can’t just ignore this technology.


I am on an rtx2060super and would love to have a boost on 1440p wide.