Nvidia DLSS support

Voted. At least this could potentially benefit VR and 4K a lot.

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DLSS for VR would be so great ! So much calculation economized !

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Don’t count on DLSS (at least in the near future). Asobo and MS are much more likely to implement the DirectX version of it before going for the NVidia specific tech.

Guess we’ll see though.

Hey Asobo – hope you see this in the sea of forum threads.

With the recent launch of Cyberpunk, I think everyone agrees that DLSS is a godsend. Can this be implemented in MSFS 2020? I think it would help out the mid-level rigs who struggle to play this game with any consistent FPS as well as the high-end rigs allowing us to play in 2k/4k AND achieve a higher FPS.



I’m certainly no expert, but what I understand they run the game in a huge computer cluster that trains the AI by running the game. I can’t really see how they could accomplish that with MSFS? In other games, no matter how “open world” they are, there’s always a limit to how open that world is. RDD2 for instance is huge, but in MSFS you literally have THE WHOLE WORLD. How on earth (:confounded:) would it be possible to train an AI with that?

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I doubt it will be.

Microsoft is working hard on the XBox series X/S version, which is running AMD (RDNA2) graphics. If anything, I suspect they will implement a supersampling technology that works on the XBox and PC both, instead of an NVidia only tech.

Just my 2 cents and guesswork though. Who knows.

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I would like to see this too. Never liked TAA in any game. It’s especially bad in games like flight sim where you’re often looking into the distance. Has a tendency to blur everything and leave weird ghosting.

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I think you nailed it right there. They wouldn’t lock themselves into an nVidia proprietary technology when their own hardware (XBox) doesn’t support it.

This happens to be the first game I noticed its not as bad as the others. It becomes less noticeable @1440p and 4k.

Its possible the game will have DX12 support next year but DLSS is a more a feature to save performance for RT features but it would certainly help the image quality out and boost performance for us RTX owners.

DLSS 2.0+ doesn’t require any form of training on a per-game basis.


Ok, that’s awesome

Article on it below. AMD’s version is open source and they are working closely with Microsoft to implement it. So it will almost certainly be available on PC for MSFS.

AMD has an answer to DLSS, DirectML Super Resolution

"Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology the gaming market’s most disruptive technology, enabling higher performance levels by using machine learning to upscale images to higher resolutions without visual downgrades.

To many gamers, DLSS offers Nvidia RTX users a free graphics card performance upgrade in supported titles. This delivers Nvidia a huge performance advantage over their rivals.

AMD needs an answer to Nvidia’s DLSS, and that answer is DirectML-powered Super Resolution. Like Nvidia, AMD plans to utilise Machine Learning improve the visual quality of games, but AMD’s solution will have the backing of Microsoft.

In a recent disclosure regarding their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S system, Microsoft confirmed that both of their next-generation consoles would support Machine learning for games with DirectML. Through their collaboration with AMD when creating their new consoles, AMD has a chance to replace DLSS with an alternative which will apply to gamers on both PC and Xbox, giving developers little reason to support DLSS over DirectML Super Resolution.

Through close collaboration and partnership between Xbox and AMD, not only have we delivered on this promise, we have gone even further introducing additional next-generation innovation such as hardware accelerated Machine Learning capabilities for better NPC intelligence, more lifelike animation, and improved visual quality via techniques such as ML powered super resolution."

AMD has an answer to DLSS, DirectML Super Resolution


Unfortunately, that probably doesn’t matter to all us Nvidia users, I assume?

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I hope so this would be a godsend for this title. I’ve used it in a couple other titles and the performance uplift is just insane!


just writing to add support for it being on a wishlist.

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No! Because it’s open source and will be part of Direct X, it’s available to all game developers and will work on new nVidia cards as well as AMDs that have dedicated compute blocks for it. It’s likely that DLLS will fade away as game developers won’t bother coding for it when they can use DirectML Super Resolution for free and it will be implemented on the Xbox. Yay for us in MSFS!

Quote from article linked at the bottom:

“DirectML is to be available to game developers who create games for the Xbox Series and for personal computers. I would like to point out that it is not about PCs with Radeons, but simply personal computers. DirectML, including DirectML Super Resolution, is part of the API set from the family [DirectX]
This means that any GPU with compute blocks to accelerate machine learning algorithms – including the new GeForce – will be able to take advantage of this interface. It is unclear what this means for [PlayStation 5] After all, this console also uses the RDNA 2 chip, however, most likely DirectX is not one of the developer tools compatible with it. However, it is highly probable that AMD – as is customary – will provide an open source version of the interface as part of the GPUOpen / FidelityFX initiative.”

AMD and Microsoft’s response to the Nvidia DLSS


It’s not far off since they do use a supercomputuer cluster for training.

The supercomputer trains the DLSS model to recognize aliased inputs and generate high quality anti-aliased images that match the “perfect frame” as closely as possible.

The results of DLSS vary a bit, because each game has different characteristics based on the game engine, complexity of content, and the time spent on training. Our supercomputer never sleeps, and we continue to train and improve our deep learning neural network even after a game’s launch. When we have improvements to performance or image quality ready, we provide them to you via NVIDIA software updates.

Probably not, as Microsoft is working with AMD to introduce a similar feature for the Xbox and PCs (as part of Direct X) that is platform neutral, meaning it will work with both new AMD Radeon GPUs and nVidia cards.

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As I said I’m not an expert and if but if you know how it works, why not explain this or provide a link to a description?

For some reason you instead just felt the need to point out that I’m wrong and I have no problem with that, even though I don’t think it really adds anything to the topic. But what I do have some issues with is the fact that you also had to do it in such a bullying tone. Are you always like that when people around you say something wrong? Or are you one if those that have no problem bullying people on forums like this but wouldn’t dare even questioning anyone IRL? I don’t know what you call them where you’re from, but here we call them “trolls”.

Before I posted my comment I wanted to make sure my understanding of how DLSS works was correct, so I searched for information and came across a very informative interview on the tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DPRt3AcUEY

The guy seems to know what he’s talking about and he explains how the developers send pre-release versions of their games to NVidia who then use it to train the AI (neural network). He may be wrong and/or I may have misinterpreted it, so if you know how it REALLY works I suggest you spill it out and enlighten us.