NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 517.48 Discussion


It works similar to the renderscale. The lower the renderscale the worse quality.

The way DLSS works is by rendering the game at a lower resolution, and then using AI to upscale it at a higher resolution again.

Look at what @KanadeNyan wrote regarding what each mode equals to in downscaling.

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I had it too, yesterday. Cleaned the registry and restarted the sim. Problem solved

I can only Assume that most users posting Performance Results with the new 517.48 GRD are still on Windows 11 21H2?

Here are the render scale conversions by DLSS mode as of MSFS 1.27.21

QUALITY 66.7 %


You can read TAA / DLSS ánd the quality above the separate screenshots. You can see the resolution in the Dev-mode window, aswel as the altered resolution after using DLSS :wink:

Sorry. At what point in the last Q&A did they say that?


Ugh, that’s not true. Read what they wrote – the Studio Driver is the exact same (in terms of MSFS) as this GR driver.

Also, as several of us mentioned, this new driver is not a silver bullet. I’ve seen zero performance increase in the Studio Driver and I will assume in this one (although I need to test more). This driver primarily fixes some textures missing in DX12 as well as the “Elden Ring trees” that we experienced in beta… but I still get stutters and VRAM exceeds my available VRAM from time to time, unfortunately.

i9-12900k, 3080 Ti, DDR5 32gb RAM

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With a 3090, you have zero need for DLSS.

However, you’re correct in your breakdown.


Correct, I think a LOT of people will be disappointed if they think this driver is what they need for “amazing” performance – it’s only to fix some graphical issues related to DX12 in MSFS.


I’m sticking with H1 for now although I don’t run experience app but will see how it goes goes for a bit first.

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I’m hoping that’s what it does for me. With DX12, I have a ton of low res / broken ground textures everywhere. Studio driver didn’t do jack-**** for me with these issues in DX12, and started giving me that new “GPU overlock” error under DX11. So hoping this new GRD will fix the texture issues so I can go about using DX12 and unlock that CPU bottleneck.

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Yep. TL/DR is -
3090 - you probably have enough VRAM to run DX12 on pretty high settings without overrunning VRAM and getting stutters.

< 3090 - you may get some nasty stuttering with DX12 as VRAM caps out.

DLSS - blurry screens/gauges. New GRD driver doesn’t do anything to address this.

For me with a 3080Ti - DX12 runs right up to the limit of my GPU and leaves zero headroom for Quest switching to desktop and/or Streamlabs. DLSS too blurry. Solution - be happy with TAA and DX11 :rofl: And stay in the beta in hopes they will maybe figure out how to implement DLSS in a way that keeps screens/displays/gauges sharp and clear.


3070ti - blurry on DLSS back to where I was this morning. Good ol TAA and DX11…

Agreed; as much as I really like DX12’s version of MSFS, I’m sticking with DX11 for time being with my 3080 ti – the stutters in DX12 (especially on the high to ultra settings I’m accustomed) are just yucky. I could easily downgrade to High settings on everything and it would be fine in DX12, but I can’t stand the popping in/out of buildings when panning, etc.

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For blurry screens, Asobo has changed the resolution of DLSS quality and balance compared to previous versions of SU10Beta, with a slightly more detailed resolution.
As for Perf and UltraPerf, it is the same as before.
(Essentially, because this is how DLSS works, there is no solution as it is.)

Because of the increased internal resolution, the lines and text in the glass cockpit, especially at night, are easier to see, although this is only compared to SU10Beta. (It is a feeling, so it depends on the person).

Of course, this is not a fundamental solution, but I think it is an item that Asobo is continuing to correct.

Also, DLSS has nothing to do with DX12.
and they can all be combined. You can adjust to your liking.

Since using the new driver tody Ive switched to dlss dx12, just finished my 2nd flight with no issues, the drone cam seems super smooth also no jitters and also the graphics error msg hasnt popped up since anfer installing the new driver

Specs rtx 3070, 32gb ram


I have a 1080 and I’ve been running DX12 with mostly ultra settings, generally equal to or better than DX11.


this is exactly how I know DLSS and therefore I not use it ( also not in my near 4K res). It will look allways in that way. I thought they give us DLAA too, but got a hint that the current DLAA is not the DeepLearning DLAA and so my wondering how bad DLAA is, was cleared. User which prefer Quality and not FPS ( or VR ) , should ask for a DL - DLAA implementation ( its like a DLSS without down-scale and incredable good results ).

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Coming from the previous Game Ready driver I see a slight improvement of approx. 1 or 2 ms on the GPU which is good for around 2 to 5 extra FPS (DX12, DLSS quality)

i7 12700K, RTX2080 Ti

Side note:
After an attempt to overclock my CPU the simulator would not start any more. So I had to reset the BIOS to default and also downloaded the latest UEFI firmware. I was surprised to see an immidiate FPS increase of about 10%. After this I went into BIOS again and activated AI Tweaker (ASUS Strix mainboard) which I never used before. This feature improves OC settings each time the computer is restarted based on the last use (it somehow checks the cooling efficency). It worked and I had no CTD because of overclocking.

Playing MSFS for another few hours and restarting the computer multiple times to adopt to the changes my OC went up from 4993 MHz to stable 5113 MHz. Overall my FPS at KLAX (with feelthere payware) my fps went up from stuttering 24 to 34 FPS to stable 36 to 38 FPS. Locking it to 30 FPS via 50% refresh rate with 60 FPS set in my monitor I finally have a smooth and stutterfree experience. Also worth to note that my VRAM usage in KLAX went down from 9,5 GB to under 7 GB. I am very happy


On VR (3080Ti) this game ready driver seems to perform much better in DX12 compared to the studio ready driver. Much less stuttering. I flew over LA and London. More tests needed, but so far so good!

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