NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 517.48 Discussion

I’ve already installed the Studio Driver 517.40

Is there any reason that I should replace it and install the Game Ready driver? If no, I’ll stick with the studio driver.

There’s a fix and a possible DLSS update apart from that I doubt you’ll see any difference.

Certainly isn’t going to give you 400 FPS or anything :sweat_smile:

Give it a few hours I’m sure people will say they’ve got 20fps more and others will say 20 less…


I’ll try this tonight and see if there is any improvement

I think it’s still not 100% clear whether the memory allocator is automatically triggered or needs an FS update. My reading of the various bits of info was that it would be automatic based on an Nvidia driver version (Matt of WT pretty much said this on AVSim). Whether the the Studio driver was the trigger or it needed this GRD was also not clear but my own quick test suggested no difference in terms of DX12 memory allocation between the two.


Sorry if a stupid question but been trying to read and understand the forums about this but hope a kind person can help )
Since SU10 I’ve got everything working fine on DX11 and the old driver but once I download this new game ready driver is it recommend to change to DX12 but keep all my graphics settings the same and DLSS etc or need to tinker again? Thanks in advance.
Ps I’m using a 3080ti with Ryzen 9 5900 and 32GB ram

instant CTD switching to VR with the new driver and DirX12

the same like before in the BETA …
win 10 last v.
i7/9gen oc
2 cabled

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Perfectly fine to continue to use DX11 the new driver if you are happy with how it’s performing. There’s still plenty of work to be done on optimising DX12 and DLSS. At the moment I would consider them both to be suck it and see. You can try DX11 with DLSS and DX12 with TAA or DLSS and see what works best for your system.

Edit: Just to expand on this a little for me with an 8Gb RXT3070 I need to have the texture resolution set at High and use DLSS when using DX12 to prevent overallocation of GPU mem (the new driver doesn’t seem to have changed this for me but i’ve only done a quick test). I’ve stuck with DLSS depite the blurriness/ghosting because it gives me a 25% framerate boost on my 4k monitor


No there is no necessity to move to DX12. Stick with DX11 if you’re happy with it


Thanks to you both and much appreciated

Probably not a driver issue then :+1:

defiantly a driver issue , cause i just did a test flight, same settings and 45 fps less . cause it run before with 90 fps .

Somehow doubt the new driver which is basically the same as the studio is dropping 45fps :joy:


That is amazing, especially since this was not intended to be fixed with this driver.

And of course its not true at all,
This is DLSS Quality with new drivers (517.48):

Again, the ghosting/smearing is a side effect of the DLSS tech and has been its main problem since day(and version) 1.

This new Nvidia driver litterally has a release note specifying what it fixes in MSFS, it will not fix other issues that are not listed.

Compare it with TAA:


For me, I tried DLSS for fun with this new NVidia Game Ready driver at 1080p, using DirectX 12, even though I don’t really benefit from running DLSS at 1080p. The numbers of the PFD for the Cessna 172 G1000 were blurry when I used DLSS. I had to go back to TAA.

So the PFD numbers in this latest Game Ready driver are still blurry when using DLSS and DirectX 12, at 1080p.

Looks like we will have to wait for the fix Asobo said they would do by adding a mask to the glass panels.

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Quick first comparison Studio driver 517.40 vs Game ready driver 517.48

  • I used DDU to uninstall 517.40
  • Installed 517.48 Bloat free (NVCleanstall)
  • Rebooted my Pc twice
  • Rebooted FS twice (to make sure everything settled down)

Screenshots are in identical situations (LFMN 04R / 15:00 / scattered clouds / offline weather).
I used DX12 because the ‘fix’ should enhance the setting.

Studio driver 517.40 TAA DX12 (beta)

Game driver 517.48 TAA DX12 (beta)

Studio driver 517.40 DLSS Balanced DX12 (beta)

Game driver 517.48 DLSS Balanced DX12 (beta)

Studio driver 517.40 DLSS Quality DX12 (beta)

Game driver 517.48 DLSS Quality DX12 (beta)

I’ll stick with TAA for now because on my system DLSS still looks a bit blurred even when I use quality settings. Other systems might benefit (maybe). I’m very satisfied with the smoothness of FS / SU10.
Btw. We might have gained a frame or 2

RTX 3060 ti

Happy landings


DLSS is still blurry but improved a little bit I think? Or just a placebo.

The airport ground texture issue is still present on DX12.

Will stick to DX11 for now.

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got this with the new Geforce Driver got this someone else too?

Are you using DLSS, and if so - which quality? Which res are you playing in, and vsync on or off + limitation vs refreshreate? =) Just curious…

This may be a silly question, for DLSS

Quality = Best quality
Performance = Better performance / less quality?



I’m not seeing any benefit whatsoever, DX11 is still performing better even with the new GRD, with both TAA and DLSS modes. VRAM usage is higher as expected with DX12, but rather interestingly it’s capping out at 10GB/24GB.