NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 531.61 Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss the NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver version 531.61.

Gaming Technology

  • Introduces support for the GeForce RTX 4070.

What’s New in Release 530

  • Support for RTX Video Super Resolution
  • Added support for CUDA 12.1
  • Increased the maximum number of concurrent NVENC sessions from 3 to 5 on supported GeForce GPUs

Fixed Issues

  • [Assassin’s Creed Origins] Game may have stability issues when using 531.18. [4008770]
  • [The Last of Us Part 1] Game may randomly crash during gameplay on GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs [4031676]
  • [Hogwarts Legacy] [Regression] Black Screen/Hang on Launch at Shader Compilation Screen using Driver 531.18 [4012825]

Known Issues

  • Toggling HDR on and off in-game causes game stability issues when non-native resolution is used. [3624030]
  • Monitor may briefly flicker on waking from display sleep if DSR/DLDSR is enabled. [3592260]
  • [Halo Wars 2] In-game foliage is larger than normal and displays constant flickering [3888343]
  • [GeForce RTX 4090] Watch Dogs 2 may display flickering when staring at the sky [3858016]
  • Increase in DPC latency observed in Latencymon [3952556]
  • Applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters cause games to crash [4008945]


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wow… Just when you finally discover how amazing filters could be for msfs… disabling them it is then. Also, it’s a known issue from many drivers version, and never solved.

It’s so annoying as filters used to work for me but since the recent updates I’m unable to use them within MSFS now, had to use Reshade

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Does this driver eliminate the crashing issues when using dx12 in MSFS that the .41 driver introduced?

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Test it, then you know it.


Got the crash immediately on load instead of ~an hour in, so it seems to be worse. Rolling back to .29 again.


Nope. I’ve just crashed 30 mins into a flight. Back to Mass Effect it is for me then I guess… sigh*

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Here is the popular CLEANED version of the Nvidia driver 531.61

Using the 531.61 on my 2070 Super with the Nvidia freestyle filters and no problems so far. Maybe it’s just a problem with a particular filter or certain Nvidia GPU’s?

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Good card. I got the same one.
I’m able to get a pretty steady 45fps in the Sim.

I crash with rtx 4090 same error from last driver.

I’ve got a 4090 and have the crash, regardless of which filter is active.


Think I’ll stick with 531.29. Seems to be fine for me and I absolutely couldn’t manage without filters. The sim is far to yellow and warm without them. Needs a hint of blue tint to make it look more natural.


i9 13900K, RTX 3080 2K - no issues.

Maybe it’s the newer GPU’s, not had a problem with the 2070 yet.

I have rtx 4090 when active filter crash

So in summary - do not download this latest driver then? 4090 here and I use Nvidia filters to fix the awful over exposure in this sim.

Did you have issues with the .41 driver, or have you never had any issues?

CTD sadly for me. I12700f and gtx3070ti 32gig mem