NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 536.40 Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss the NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver version 536.40.


Gaming Technology

  • Introduces support for the GeForce RTX 4060

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Gaming Bugs
    • [Street Fighter 6] Corruption during the fight start cutscene when MFAA is applied [4147907]
  • Fixed General Bugs
    • [Optix Denoiser] Addresses vignette effect that could appear on image border pixels
    • Not able to detect external HDMI display from NVCPL after driver re-installed [4085941]

Known Issues

  • Increase in DPC latency observed in Latencymon [3952556]
  • Applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters cause games to crash [4008945]

All good here (4090)


All good on my side too (4090)


Any 3XXX-users that have tried this driver? (got a 3060 Ti myself)

I’ve got a 3070 and I’ve had 536.40 for about two hours now. I’ve had one or two flights flying out in the Caribbean so I haven’t pushed the limits. Good so far, no CTDs or heavy stutters.

Any crashes using filters ?? As we know there were still CTD’s with filters on ?

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It’s literally written in the known issues, it’s still the case, sadly

I suggest to just use ReShade as it works fine even with UWP now, just run the setup and on the MSFS folder go to Content and select the gamelaunchhelper.exe instead of the game exe.

Good morning
I wanted to install the 536.40 driver with Geforce experience and at the time of installation windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver.
2 solutions:
-Do not install this driver.
-install this driver anyway with the risk of damaging the computer.
What to do?

Just installed 536.40 Studio version. Haven’t tested yet

If you got the driver from the official nvidia site, go ahead and install it.
If you got it from anywhere else, I wouldn’t

I tried again, it finally installed, it’s downloaded by gforce experience so I think it’s an official pioe.
I did a 1 hour flight, no problem.
thank you again for your answer.

Here is the CLEAN driver from Nvidia…

Thank god they don’t force these drivers on you, how can they keep releasing things where one of the main features causes crashes.

The filters are essential for me.

Run fine with 3090 and 3060ti for me
Installed only the driver and not the rest
Reshade i dont use for i maintain through desktopcolour in cpl mainly

I wish NVIDIA would publish more info on this. It sounds like from the description that as soon as ANY filter is applied, the driver crashes. I’ve been using several filters for a couple of years without any issues AFAIK.

A couple of questions:
1] What are the filters used for and how do you access them?

2] Post #13 above talks about 536.40 - Clean Version [no bloat]…what exactly is this referring to and does this come from the Nvidia website?

I’ve noticed something with this driver, which also occurred a couple of versions ago too. Post-install (always clean, using DDU and NVCleanstall) my first flight was very good (notably smooth and relatively free of stutters or pauses)… but subsequent flights had much worse performance. This phenomenon occurs even when resetting to the exact same conditions (location, aircraft + state, weather, day and time etc. etc.). I also have the area saved into manual cache, so variations in server or internet speeds should have a negligible impact. Does anyone suffer similar? Does anyone know why the performance degrades? Does anyone have a fix please? Many thanks.

No, they do not come from NVIDIA. I have zero trouble with the official drivers (and just use GeForce experience to do express installs). Using modified drivers from non-official sources is generally a bad idea.


There are a number of different filters. I only use 4 of them: Detail, Color, Sharpen, Brightness/Contrast. These filters fine tune the video color settings. I occasionally use the Sharpen+ filter for photography. If a filter adjustment impacts performance, NVIDIA will block it with a message.

To access them, use ALT+F3. GeoForce Experience must be installed and running. ALT+x displays a menu of all the GeoForce tools.