NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 546.33 Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss the NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver version 546.33


Release notes

Game Ready for THE FINALS

This new Game Ready Driver provides the best gaming experience for the latest new games supporting DLSS 3 technology including THE FINALS and Squad. Further support for new titles leveraging NVIDIA DLSS technology includes the launch of Fortnite Chapter 5 which features DLSS Super Resolution.

Fixed Gaming Bugs

  • [Discord] When streaming gameplay, colors may appear muted

Fixed General Bugs

  • [Regression] 536.99: A new NVIDIA system tray icon is created each time a user is switched in Windows

Tested today and omg horrible performance and stutters all over the place. Rolled back to the previous.

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The latest drivers have nothing to with the stutters. I installed a driver from way back in September and the stutters are still present. Something is definitely not sitting right with SU14.


I was using the one previous to this and was working great. This driver made it basically unplayable.

Clean install, excellent here as always. (4090)

Did you clean the directx shaders on c drive and delete the files inside the gl and dx cache folders in Nvidia folder?

I see improvement in fps every time i delete directx shaders on c

I did a clean install with DDU. Gotta check about cleaning the dx shaders.

Is this really needed? Or is it a case of do it just in case?

You’d think NVidia would do it as part of it’s installer if it’s required for every driver update.

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Driver ok for me, stutter came with SU14 for me, 12900+4090


Do you have a clean version for this driver? The usual link at guru3d is not available yet.

Just download the whole thing as posted by O.P., once downloaded, use winrar or sevenzip or whatever to extract it.
I.e. right-click 546.33-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-dch-whql.exe and select to extract it (yes, it actually works).
Inside the extracted archive you find a folder named ‘Display Driver’.
That’s the one containing the actual driver only.
Extract that folder to a place of your choice, fire up Device Manager and update your GPU from by selecting the folder you just extracted.


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All good - stutter free. Windows 10 pro, i9 13900K, RTX 4090 2K, 32GB DDR5 @7200 - ultra settings, TAA


TenPatrol, any improvement in FPS?

Works fine here. No sttuters.


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Idk - smooth and stutter-free is more important than high fps :wink:


In DX12 I get the occasional flashing yellow screen in my right eye when flying VR (3090 FE with a Reverb G2) with this driver.

About to install new driver now, will report… I use DX12, 4090, i9-13900k.

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546.33 working for me

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this one vs 537.58?
Many call that GOAT for 4090


Reinstalled it and did a dx shaders cache clearing and that did the trick. Working fine so far RTX3060