Nvidia Image Scaling NIS and VR

Just wanted to say a big thank you for what you do. Your project really gives me hope that there is still a lot of good stuff to come. Will install and test it on the weekend. Keep up the great work. You are amazing

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What world scale imbalance is this? I haven’t noticed any issue with it, and I’m the hardest to please :wink: Please reference something.

I think it would be really helpful to be able to disable the scaler with a shortcut while the API is installed.

I know you can fairly quickly uninstall the tool or change the name of the config file, but when doing A/B comparisons, time is everything in being able to discern a difference between having the scaler running vs not.

If you could easily disable it with a shortcut, then a simple process of exiting and re-entering VR quickly would make it a lot easier to spot key differences between the two.

Are you planning on implementing some sort of simple UI for the tool?

Just my thoughts after spending 5 or 6 hours flying with the tool and playing with various combinations of settings.

Lastly, if you have a “buy me a beer/coffee” link of some sort, please share it. I’ve no doubt you’ll get enough coffee/beer to last you all of '22. Until this tool, I had kind of lost interest in MSFS and VR because everything was just so “meh” (and I have a 10850/3090 system). I’m now rocking nearly every setting on ultra, 350/150 LOD’s, OXR125 TAA80, Scaler 0.85 Sharpness 0.1 and I am loving every minute of it again. And for that, I thank you!

(I just finished re-flying the iceland bush trip. The last leg with the above settings, I was anywhere between 40-43 FPS for the entire flight, I think I dropped to 38 or 39 on short final into Reykjavík)

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Varjo Aero I have on order and see what I can do with this


Yes that would be great, if possible

I have the same system although quest 2 headset, very similar settings. Can I ask if you suffer from building shimmering at all?

Yeah, there is shimmering. Even without the scaler (I was mostly running OXR150/TAA75 previously) I get shimmering around buildings and on any white text/lines on the G1000 panels. A little bit around other high contrast scenery areas (like edges of lakes, etc).

Even though there is shimmering, I can actually read the buttons and placcards on the dash (C208 most recently tested in the Iceland bush trip). If I go back to straight 100/100 (without NIS scaler), there is definitely less shimmering, but everything is just so muddy.

TLDR: Camera IPD is fixed in MSFS. You don’t notice the incorrect world scale if you have the “default” IPD.

The second most sought after wish in the VR category.

Should be easily fixable through OpenXR.

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That is the problem, I don’t see that. I will have to do what you did, do it manually in the registry, and that I have no idea how to do it. I saw some instructions to do the registry thing so I might try that.

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Guys I am wondering. I dont use this Alpha software but have activated NIS.
In VR I see its activated because of the blue NIS on screen. I have the impression that it makes my image much sharper in VR.
When I read the Nvidia site they explain that if you see NIS on screen in blue that scaling is not working but sharpening does.
Anyone have tried this out already?

Does anyone have similar problem? I did everything as per instructions. If i change library path in XR_APILAYER_NOVENDOR_nis_scaler.json the error disappears, so i guess it has problem accessing the XR_APILAYER_NOVENDOR_nis_scaler.dll


That one is new!

Can you confirm the files are somewhere in a system and not user folder (eg: C:\Program Files\...)?

Yes, I unziped it, and moved to C:\Program Files\OpenXR-API-Layers. I even tried to modify each file permissions to full access for every entry.


This is what the Ctrl+F1 shortcut is meant to help with, it switches between a simple bilinear filter (which should be close-ish to what the in-game render scale might be doing(?)) and the NIS scaler. It’s not possible to truly disable the processing, because it needs the game to recreate the OpenXR session (what you do with Ctrl+TAB).

Maybe I can make a shortcut that will write a disable option to the config. It’s always a bit tricky when you write to a file in-game, because then you have to start handling what happens if the file gets corrupted during write (eg: the game crashes simultaneously). So I wanted to avoid that. But I certainly understand the desire here so I’ll take another look this week-end.

Interesting - maybe we don’t even need my software after all! I thought people had tried all this stuff at the beginning of the thread and it was bust. Certainly interest to hear to know for sure…

Weird. I’ll have to look at the code of the OpenXR loader to see what can cause this issue. This will probably take me a while. Sorry about that :frowning:

Yes, tried this already. NIS works on the projection of the VR screen on a flat monitor and WILL show that it is active, however it will upscale and sharpen ONLY the flat-screen image, there is NO impact from NIS in VR headset itself, without this plugin.


Unrelated - I had folks asking me how to donate, send me a beer etc.

Y’all are amazing :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

I’m happy to write this software and take nothing in return beyond this awesome reception and support.

We all (including the OpenXR working group and my team at Microsoft - and surely the teams in other organizations) want to make AR/VR better and better in the future, and promote that OpenXR is awesome and get more developers involved and more applications and games to support it! Working out the issues and performance with these experiments is key to that goal, and the type of work I’m doing here contributes to it!

Best you can do (once I release something a bit more polished and without all the install issues) is to help promote this software around. I’ve already seen posts on other forums and all the way to Russia! This is so cool! THANKS!


I will try again but I get the impression that my Image is sharper in VR.
Acording to nvidia is Blue NIS only sharpening.
Your did not see any improvement in sharpness?
Maybe its my imagination but since its active in the mirror screen I suspect that sharpening is working. Unless you have other information from another source.
Maybe others can try as well and see what they experience? You use a Quest 2 which I used a month ago. Working with the Reverb 2 is such a game changer with what you get presented in VR. I am sure that scaling is not running since NIS should be green. This is not the case.
I also have no improvements in framerate so apperently the Alpha software is better.
Btw I use Reverb G2 and 3080.

Aperently this is the official Nvidia Reply.
I see the option in the Nvidia control panel.
I can even change sharpness details. The Reverb is connected as a montor that I know since its connected to my videocard.
But honestly I am not an expert just sharing what I found. Maybe someone here really understands this.

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I guess that’s the reason why we don’t see NIS in the VR headset.

nvidia Blue NIS is ok in VR (HP Reverb G2), (only sharpening) but nothing special, IMO.
Alpha 3 it’s way, way beyond…
Waiting until author will remove nightly odd color clouds.