Nvidia Image Scaling NIS and VR

Anyone who tested it already? It could possibly give more fps without reducing image quality too much.
Afaik there is only a steamVR version out, so I can’t try as I am running WMR.

I’ve been trying to run NIS on my 2D display but it’s an ultra-widescreen 2560x1080 monitor and there isn’t another resolution supported by FS2020 that has the same aspect ratio so even if NIS gives me a boost the display is all wrong.

Or you can change your desktop resolution to a lower one right before launching MSFS? I guess Windows have other resolutions for your aspect ratio? And does turning ON NIS add like for me new resolutions in the NVidia Control Panel?

MSFS uses OpenXR, not OpenVR, so unfortunately the FSR mod won’t work no ?

This is already being discussed here in detail…

I’m not a VR user but just seen a You Tube vid that mentions a new Open XR version is out today, if that’s of any use to you VR guys n gals.

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A new version is due out by end of the day, not out yet from what I can see.

I’ve checked the other resolutions available and none of them is the correct aspect ratio. I suppose I could manually create one and add it, may try that.

Edit: I did it :slight_smile: Many thanks for the suggestion. I created a custom 21:9 resolution in the Nvidia control panel, applied, it and now NIS is giving me a significant FPS boost.

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Are you talking about vr or monitor flying?

Monitor. I’ll try VR at the weekend.

Even more complicated, for Reverb G2, MSFS uses WMR OpenXR - because SteamVR OpenXR doens’t work well. So all tools that work in SteamVR games don’t work in WMR, despite the supposedly same OpenXR standard.

There is a similar issue with Leap Motion / UltraLeap hand tracking hardware. Somebody needs to write a driver for WMR/OpenXR.

I did understand, that NIS isnt working with FS2020 (VR), because it has to integrate by Microsoft/Asobo to the game itself (via SDK).

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