Nvidia Rtx3080 20Gb allegedly cancelled

Title says it all. Looks like the 20G VRAM variant a lot of people were waiting for might not happen.


If true, then that would be a big mistake on Nvidia’s part, especially as there’s rumoured to be a Big Navi with 16GB of VRAM - could open the door to AMD.

Personally, I think we’ll still get the Ti cards, we’ll just have to wait until early next year possibly.

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I bet they are scrapping them in favor of 7nm super refresh.

They probably have insider info about AMD as well, Im still betting Nvidia will take the crown lol

They might just have cancelled their plans because they can’t produce enough VRAM chips…

[update] I should have read the article first, this is one of their hypothesis too.

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and you assume MSFS use this amount of VRAM ?.. or why waiting on it ? :slight_smile:

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I have a 3080, and FS2020 only uses around half of my VRAM.

I can’t remember it ever using more than 5 gig of Vram.

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I have a 2080ti and msfs uses 9.5 gigs of vram on high settings with a few ultra settings.

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1080TI I see 9.5+ and never under 6.6 @ 1440 settings high & ultra LOD 180

let me guess: 4k ? :wink:

Yes but right now MSFS 2020 is DX11.
Eventually it will move to DX12.
And that is when we’re all going to need plenty of VRAM headroom.

I became a VRAM twitcher in P3d and believe me it’s not good for immersion.

That is what I meant… Don’t be sad if it’s not available at the moment. These additiona power will only be fully used / needed in a later release… far … far… later release :wink:

There are other sims besides MSFS, DCS is a bit of a VRAM hog especially once you start factoring in VR.

in DCS my 2080ti is fully used… no one single bit is left free :wink:

possible for interesst :wink:

( of course: bit outdated, but shows similar counts )

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and beside of these nvidia marketing , we should not forgot:

7-9,5 Gi are is just enought to give us such nice views :rofl:

sorry for night image, I cant change the live-time :joy:

Heard its due to shortage of GDDR6X.It will happen maybe not until mid next year.Those cards are certainly suitable for this sim. Even on my setup 8gb of vram is not enough on 1440p.

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Yes sir !! 50" LG oled 4k loving it @ 3840 x 2160

toooooo small :stuck_out_tongue:

new record… try EDDF :slight_smile:

so… it “can” use full vram :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve got a 2070 super with 8GB of Vram. Playing at 1440p and a mixture of Ultra/High settings my Vram is usually maxed out at 99% in any of the major airports/cities. I’m sure it would use much more if it could.