NZ & AUS MFS2020 Discord - NZNR & Napier Scenery Pack 1.6

NZ & AUS MFS2020 Discord - NZNR & Napier Scenery Pack 1.6

Part of the New Zealand and Australian Scenery Series - Launch of the free download for Napier, New Zealand for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Pack by: Skuxxanator69, DeansPlay, Reaver, HybridNz

Cameras, editing by: HybridNz

All logos, devices, entities and trademarks are copyright to their respective owners.

Custom Airport NZNR:
1300 hand placed objects
• 16/34 PAPI4 left side Only @ 3° pitch
• RW7/25
• RW16L/34R grass strip

• 7x gates at terminal to charts + Google Maps
• Numbered gates
• Gates - max wingspan set to charts
• Helipad at Air Ambulance apron
• Added 2x North GA parking on grass south of tower
• Added 4x GA Parking on the south end of Airport and 1 fuel parking

• Custom scenery / 3d models and airport signs
• Detailed hand placed scenery
• Added taxiways/hold position signs - To current charts
• Construction zone for new airport terminal
• Full carpark details with lines and pedestrian crossings
• Removed and replaced default buildings
• Replaced trees around airport with shrubs

• Fixed bluff hill terraforming + rock face scenery
• Added scenery

• Added Napier wharf on parade
• Flattened terraforming on parade
• Added scenery objects in marina
• Replaced forests to the North with pine trees.

Please inform me if you encounter any issues. Discord: Skuxxanator69#3228

Copy to your FS2020 community folder to install and fly.

All welcome to join the Discord, We are a regional community that enjoy flights, modding and growing the New Zealand and Australian Flight Sim 2020 Community. All welcome.

Trailer here:

Download here:

When copying to com folder error message path to long on some files … any ideas thanks

Hey, check out
It has your answer.

Yes worked to copy files thanks but NZNR & Scenery pack 1.6 causes MSFS 2020 to freeze when start at Napier… The Scenery for Auckland is all good no problems thanks

MSFS 2020 Sim freezes when loading to NZNP…when scenery pack Installed

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