NZ Mountains

I got the OrbX New Zealand mesh but have some concerns as the terrain looks really stretched and unrealstic in a lot of the Southern Alps.

Anyone else with the OrbX NZ Mesh experience this, or think it’s a problem on my side? Cheers

I have the NZ Mesh too and so far very happy, I live in NZ and know the place inside out from RL flying. The mesh data gets worse towards Southland and Fiordland, in particular around Doubtful Sound. However the Alps, from Canterbury all the way down to Wanaka and Queenstown look spectacular!

I think you are mixing 2 different things. The mesh decides the shapes of mountains and elevations on the landscape. The stretchy things you point too are textures on top of top of the mesh. I don’t think an updated mesh can help with textures. Someone correct my understanding, if its wrong.

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I’m very jealous of your great NZ flying experience! I’m in the US but I studied abroad at Otago about a decade ago. I had my US PPL when I went so I absolutely made the effort to go over to Dunedin Airport and get checked out, so now I can fly in NZ too! Of course, only theoretically, as I’ve never been back to NZ since :pensive:

So I’m trying to get MSFS up to snuff so I can practice before heading back to do the real thing one day :small_airplane: :mountain_snow:

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