October 12th, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!

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Was or is there an update that allows you to go to either satellite mode or regular mode for maps? And if so, how can I revert back to regular maps?


Would love to hear more about these upcoming ATC fixes! Any chance we could get a blog post describing them? Thanks! It’s great to hear new information and details about ongoing work and what kind of improvements to expect; what kind of challenges the devs face, what kind of problems they encountered fixing old bugs. I love that kind of story and interaction! It humanizes the devs and makes us simmers feel like somebody’s got our back.


Finally SĂŁo Paulo SBSP is available! Almost a month since it was uploaded to the Marketplace

Now we have the most important city in Brazil and one of its coolest airports to land at

I hope he launches SBGR Guarulhos soon!

Is there a step in the release process that’s after the “functional testing signed off by 3rd party”? How can there be 8 planes signed off by the 3rd party and only 1 plane released in the marketplace?


Hello @udubp13,

You can see a detailed flow of the Marketplace Intake process here:

Specifically, this item pertains to your question:

  1. In order for content to be included in a given week’s Thursday release, partners must provide functional signoff by Wednesday at 9 AM PT in the same week. Microsoft’s compliance signoff must also be completed for release to proceed.

So if a product shows up in the “Functional Testing Signed Off by 3rd Party” column, that typically means it is ready for release but was not signed off prior to the Wednesday 9am PT cut-off time (e.g. the 3rd Party Developer might have provided signoff at 10am PT on Thursday). In most cases, items in this column will be among those included in next week’s batch of releases.



Got it- thanks… Looking forward to seeing those 8 planes next Thursday…


Bets are accepted! Eight aircraft checked and ready for Release??

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Thanks for the update and Kwikflightspirit.

Captain sim has been busy.


What a great week… Again

I am always amazed how they can stick to the total unprecise development roadmap that was orginially written three months ago (or even) more in the middle of the last month shown on the roadmap. As mentioned several times, this development roadmap should be a monthly sliding snapshot, not static for the whole period shown, like this it seems that nothing is coming after October 2023, which is of course not the case but simply not shown until end of October/beginning November. But no, since three years the same misery…


Hi SeedyL,
would you happen to update the process workflow of functional testing?
It is outdated. The comliance test has been taking place elsewhere for a few weeks ago, and the Wednesday you mentioned is also no longer the deadline.

Thank you.

7 MsScenery/ Captainsim aircraft and the Rafale. Perhaps.

But i think the Rafale is delayed since there is no lifesign or information. Delaying is easy.

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Pardon me for being slow… Could we have a list of what actually is updated on each item every week? Most of the time the update log shows nothing. Can’t be that hard to list the updates here, with what is actually updated on each aircraft etc etc

One of this supposed 8 upcoming planes could be the Just Flight’s Fokker, but… we all know it’s going to be some variants of the same planes Captain Sim has already released…

Of course it will be… Been waiting for the Fokker on xbox for a while… I wonder why Microsoft /asobo keep holding good stuff back and letting the Crap come through

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anybody bought and tested that?


Any news or rumors about:

  1. MU-2?
  2. Scenery Gateway Hub?
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The dev snapshot indicates WU15+ for the hub. They are in the midst of getting it through Microsoft’s privacy and accessibility approval process as mentioned on this slide: