Oculus prop plane flicker issue

so i have been trying HARD to fix this weird issue of like screen tear whenever i fly prop aeroplanes,
this is on a quest 2, but its the same on the Rift S…

i have changed every setting possible in a bid to fix it…
and completely removed and reinstalled the Oculus software and graphics drivers too

the issue does NOT happen with jet aircraft, so its something to do with the rotating propeller

sorry for the quality but its very difficult to focus .
IGNORE the black bands going across, thats just the usual phone refresh rate issue… you dont see that in VR. obviously

you see it most clearly right at the end of the video

any thoughts appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a reprojection artefact. Either disable ASW on Oculus and suffer for poor perceived framerates or try to live with it.

Afaik there was also a fix as a mod somewhere and I’m sure someone will post a link.

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thanks for the reply, i did try disabling ASW but to no avail,
im sue there will be a fix for it … somehow :upside_down_face:

Seen this?


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no, i had not… it looks suspiciously like my issue… thanks very much… looks like there might well be some help there :ok_hand:

The mod makes it better (only on standard planes as I understand it), but doesn’t cure it completely. Certainly more bearable.

It’s not like Oculus ASW effectively works for ■■■■ anyway

i only have standard planes, (im cheap :joy:)
il try it later thanks

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yeah i have OTT but disabled it for various reasons , il try it again, thanks :+1:

Hi… the mod mentioned in this post WORKED !!!
This mod works great, but contrary to the install instructions, you have to put the separate folders in the community folder, if you dump just the Prop_MODS_Community folder in, the mods dont work…
THANKS AGAIN :dancer: :dancing_women: :grin:

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