Oculus Quest 2 Overlays

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get into VR and managed my first successful cold and dark to takeoff in the flybywire A20N last night, which was very impressive and smooth enough.

I like to have the guide alongside me in a web browser when flicking the various switches, so would like overlays to be able to do this. I’ve got OVRDrop and OVRToolkit and everytime I try them out when in sim, it all grinds to a halt and becomes a big stuttering mess.

Does anyone have experience of getting overlays working successfully? Is there an order of execution to get it all working properly?

Fwiw I currently do the following:

Connect oculus via link to pc.
Once in the cockpit I launch vr mode
Steam vr spools up and I’m in vr ready to go

My settings from memory are 1.2x within the Oculus app. I launch the debug tool to turn ASW off which removes some slight tearing with sudden head movement and I’m running 90hz.

Hardware is 5600x, 32gb ram, 3070ti with MSFS installed on an nvme drive.

Any help appreciated!



I had the same Problem with the steam overlay Tools. i take now oculus link with the oculus overlay

Thats working great and you have no stutter or fps Drops.

I have the streamdeck and pilot2atc overlay


Did you ever try to pin an window in oculus link and then start the game?


Why are you using SteamVR runtime when launching via Oculus? You should use the OpenXR runtime in the Oculus settings.

I’ve never had success using non-Oculus overlays. With them I have successfully gotten a Firefox window open which I use for Chartfox or Jamboard (which I have open on my iPad on my lap for “realtime kneeboard writing”), and then vPilot if using Vatsim.

That said, it can be a performance killer and the symptom is that the windows start blinking in and out. This goes away when my settings are lowered.

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I used steam VR after failing miserably trying to get Oculus XR working smoothly. Though I’ll try oculus xr again as I’ve worked out how to successfully launch in VR and get a solid 40fps.

Thanks for the advice :+1:

Hi, did you find any solution? :slight_smile:

Sort of. I followed this settings guide and now everything is super smooth. I can open overlays within the quest 2 link now and it’s fine

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