Oculus rift cv1

Its an oldie, but its all I got. When I turn my head some of the picture follows, like it drags out the screen a little. I got also a very disturbance when I turn my head, like some of the picture gets kind of like gelly. Difficult to find the right word. Are there still anyone else using the rift cv1 out there who gets it to work better than me maybe? First I thought it might be asyncron warp thing but I have that set to disable in oculus debug tool. The vr starts steam vr and im wondering if there could be some settings in there im not familiar with? Help would be highly appreciated.

With rift cv1 you don’t need steamvr. When I had my cv1 I ran it natively by pointing openxr at oculus.

I have this same issue with my CV1. It’s all i got for now also.
I describe it like the camera in the center is ok, but in the peripheral view it is stretched out. It’s like your eyes are a wide angle lens. I’m trying to figure out a solution, but do post if you find one.

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Could you be so kind and tell me how you point openxr at oculus? I bought the msfs through steam and could that be an issue to go past steamvr?

I will certainly post if I find any improvements to the cv1. Could you do the same? Thanks.

It’s in the actual guide on how to setup vr for msfs.


VR in msfs uses openXR which is totally independent of the platform you own msfs.


“I have this same issue with my CV1. It’s all i got for now also.
I describe it like the camera in the center is ok, but in the peripheral view it is stretched out. It’s like your eyes are a wide angle lens. I’m trying to figure out a solution, but do post if you find one.”

Hey, I got it fixed completely. It is now as perfect I would assume you can get it for the cv1.
Just follow [J1mb0G5751] link and follow the rabbithole. By default it probably points to your steam vr but when i changed it to oculus openxr and opting for the oculus beta all is fine. What a change. Surprised the sim in cv1 can look that good.

Thanks a lot jimbo. You really made my day now. Theres life in this old headset still.

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Hey thanks so much. I was just about to post to tell you that Jimbos fix worked! CV1 for now, Happy flying!

I just have to report that I am quite satisfied with the initial release of VR in MSFS. Just took it out for a quick spin in the DA40 (naturally). Things worked as expected. I did not have to download anything, just worked. I had the FOV black outline issue and after using the oculus debug tool, turned of the FOV stencil.

Now the CV1 is an old beast, screen door effect and all.

  1. I miss the X-Plane feature to bring things in closer using the touch motion controllers.

  2. The initial eye point for me was set to the arm rest on the pilots side looking at the pedals, and almost in the proper forward seat position. Using the cursor got it to the right eye point. Again X-Plane has the reset to correct eyepoint on the motion controller.

  3. 3D mouse cursor worked surprisingly well, much better than P3D. It did however jump around the cockpit, trying to select a knob on the G1000. Turning and pushing the FMS knob, it disappeared. Moved the mouse and it was up at the ceiling somewhere.

  4. I miss X-Plane’s green outline and selection of controls, knobs etc. But since I have peripherals for throttle, flaps, trim, gear etc. I feel my way around and control the aircraft.

  5. A bit of jerkyness in looking around, a bit annoying.

Been waiting for VR and this first iteration is a job well done.

Thanks ASOBO!

edit post -

  1. you can use right mouse click when you are looking at an instrument - then it zooms in - cool.

With the cv1 and its obvious lack in resolution a good vr zoom or vr binoculars, a feature they have in xplane and p3d, would be extremly useful.

I also have Oculus CV1 and if you install all those Window Mixed Reality, OpenXR, then go to REGEDIT and make the proper fix there, then go to VR Graphics settings and play there for a while, everything will be fine.
I know, the start was annoying, but at the end I could get much better quality and performance, than on X-Plane with my older 1080ti and i7 6700k. Please check all the initial manuals and make sure you did it.
I just wanted to cheer you up, as yesterday, I first was a bit scared as I had the same issues as you… but now it’s all working great.

Enabling Oculus Beta fix the head-in-armrest issue (and others) for me. I’m loving this VR experience in my CV1!

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I have the original rift. The only issue was the black frame around the eye piece which I fixed with the de bug tool. After that I had no issues. I am very happy with the vr release. None of the issues mentioned earlier in this thread

(I’m a CV1 owner) I too just booted up Oculus home and MSFS worked without SteamVR - and no need to point anything at anything - and mine was bought via Steam. The only thing I did was to change that ‘Stencil’ entry in the OculusDebugTool.exe to ‘Off’.
footnote: I will be looking at the settings suggested in https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/optimum-performance-settings-for-all-oculus-cv1-owners/338814 once I hear and understand a bit more about this extra 3rd frame being inserted by WMR (no idea of its relevancy to a CV1)

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