Oculus Update Warning

As of today’s Oculus update, be warned. After installing I am seeing even more white flashes in the Rift S.


hmm, thats not good :dizzy_face:
hope they get a fix soon

I restarted hoping it might be an update snag. Same issue. Now at least ten flashes just in one circuit from St. Just. Considerably worse. If only HP could deliver my G2 sooner!!! :sweat_smile:

i dont think the white flashes are Oculus specific… not sure tho

Some reported it ended once upgrading. Anyway, it’s one of many issues I had with the Rift. My PC has never recognized it on start up. An issue that Oculus were never able to resolve. Plus it burns through controller batteries like crazy (and I don’t even use them!). Never buying a FaceAche product again.

I was using a quest 2, had the opportunity of a rift S for cheap, i actually prefer it. for simming. luckily i dont the issues you have…

i initially was going to get a G2, but after the lack of stock, the price and the reported tracking issues, i decided against it…

no headset is perfect… but i hope you like your G2 :+1:

If I can start-up without having to constantly disconnect/reconnect my cables, I’ll be halfway to heaven! :upside_down_face:

funny, just walked thu to my rig to be greeted with this :joy:

i have not had that issue with my Rift S … you must be unlucky :slightly_smiling_face:
i just leave it plugged in

It’s an issue that a considerable number of users had that Oculus were never able to resolve! Anyway, be interested to see how it works for you with the update!

I have to do that too!! So annoying lol

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There you go!!!

just updated and flying around, no worse and maybe a bit better than before… not as many white flashes… not sure, but deffo no worse mate… for me anyway

Out of interest, what parameters did you select? I was using St. Just, 3pm, G1000 172, few clouds.

Edinburgh 11:25am Cessna 152 clear skies 1500 ft to 7 ft :sweat_smile:

Just tried the same set-up. For me as soon as I turned into the sun and towards the city, it was flashing every ten seconds or so. My frames are good (35-40fps), and it was never this bad before the update. Will be curious to see if anyone else reports similar problems.

to be fair, my white flashes were pretty bad anyway, i made a post about it, someone said it was the clear sky between frames but it happens when i fly at night too, so i doubt that… :man_shrugging:

If it continues at this rate, I’m grounded! :japanese_ogre:

i might try changing my refresh rate in the oculus software, or oculus tray tool… i suspect its a refresh issue

And now my 1 millionth controller battery has died :money_mouth_face:. Once I find a replacement, I’ll give that a try.