Oculus Update Warning

I hear in the U.K. the waiting time is rather long. Plus the price is massive in the U.K compared to here or the States. You guys need to trash England and set your own VAT rates :wink:

often people have a couple of different headsets so we might

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wouldn’t be any better…probably

Anyway, we digress. I’ll leave this thread now for (hopefully) more flash finders. :+1:

ok, later mate :+1:

it does seem like an oculus only issue … a similar post here

I posted the issue over on the Oculus Rift S Forum so maybe someone there will see it.


good stuff :ok_hand:

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I just filed an Oculus ticket too.

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interestingly this was posted on Dec '20 so WELL before the recent msfs uk update OR the recent oculus one.

Yep. Like I said, I’ve heard talk about this flashing for several weeks since I bought the thing. It’s only way worse now. I’m gonna have to go back to XP11 and DCS for now until they fix it.

It’s always happened, the issue is the frequency as mentioned earlier. After the update, it’s like Saturday night at the Hacienda.

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you are DEFFO Brittish :joy:

My lips are sealed.

Or we can just fly in the Congo where the most lightning happens and make like it’s storming. Ha

or come to Scotland :smile:

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I’m in Michigan USA. But it might as well be Siberia.

yeah… i see Texas was hit hard with the snow… the mind boggles :crazy_face: :frowning_face:

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It happens every so often. The earth’s orbit is not a perfect circle lol.

i guess, its just we tend imagine a state like Texas to be permanently Hot…