Rift S - flashing white light

Does anyone else find this problem is evident with their Rift S?
Every couple of minutes, I get a very quick flashing white light flash for a split second. This happens randomly.
I am not sure if this is just a Rift firmware issue or if it’s linked to vr within the sim. I haven’t done enough research on this other than remembering that this white flash was evident in the Rift S about a year ago and a firmware update was dropped to fix it… It seems to be back sadly. I have 2 Rift S with flight sim on both PCs and getting the flashes on both PCs.


I also have the Rift S and I also get the flash every so often. Not sure why either.


I had Rift S and white flash in a lot of games (probably all)

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I can confirm …
I experience the same issue with my rift … Like you said it is very random
Let’s hope to find a solution

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Yes here too from the beginning of the VR beta test, and it still happen often, and only in MSFS.


Same here. And yes. Only in MSFS

Same here. I too remember this issue long ago, and an update being implemented to cure it.

have it on quest. Must be an oculus thing.

Same here. Rift S. I think God’s angels are trying to communicate to us

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Same problem here. Was looking for “Rift S white flash”, found this post.
Rift S with Nvidia 1070ti (latest drivers).

Same Rift S experience here too. Oddly for me, however, the behaviour appears to be a/c dependent. For example, I haven’t had it happen while flying the A320 but the Cessna 172 G1000 was quite a different matter. I would experience the white flash perhaps every 30 seconds or so.

Must be an Oculus thing as even my prehistoric DK2 randomly flashes white, seems to do it less when I have Steam closed down and the Sim in windowed mode.

UPDATE: On further testing I can report the random white flashes do occur when using the Rift S with the A320 but just less frequently.

i have the rift cv1 and i also get the white flash in msfs

I’ve been getting the once in a blue moon random white flash in all of my VR experiences it isn’t just MSFS specific.

me too white flash

Also having this issue. Still playable for sure but kinda annoying!

YEP!!! I’m getting the flashing white light as well and I’m using the Rift CV1…very annoying. I’ve tried multiple setting variations to no avail. The only thing I noticed is that it seemd to happen whe I changed views from a less intense scene like the sky back to a cockpit view [TNM930]. Let’s hope it gets sorted soon.

Yes, I get it but not on every flight.

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I recommend that we all raise a zendesk report so that it gets fixed.

In the meantime, it may be a placebo, but I have been able to minimise the flashes by running the sim in windowed mode and reducing the window to something very small, and then using the ASW30 Pixel override 2.0 tweaks discussed here …