Rift S - flashing white light

Same experience with oculus quest 2 with link

Yes!! Please everyone file a Zendesk support. Let’s get this issue addressed. I am not seeing this with any other Sim or game with my HMD. (Rift S)

+1 Same, really gets annoying after a while.
I’m on a rift-s, with a 1080ti

+1 same here on rifts :smirk:

Same here on my Rift S. I’ve been flying VR for the past 3 days and the white light issue happened to me starting today. I did some testing and noticed that it only occurred when I’m flying facing the sun or where sunlight can enter the cockpit. If I fly with the sun 180 degrees behind me I no longer experience the flashing white light issue. This lead me to load night flights and flights with an overcast and the flashing white light phenomenon was non-existent. This explains why I didn’t experience it in the past 3 days because I’ve been flying out of a local airport with Live Weather enabled and of course in my area it’s been raining/major overcast.

Can you give it a try to see if you can replicate it? If this is the case at least it can speed up a fix from ASOBO.


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I’ve contacted zendesk support, and they are investigating the issue.

Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

We are currently researching an issue that causes some Oculus Rift users to experience white flashes in VR. We have added this issue to our internal bug tracker and will look to address the issue.


Just got the Rift-s. Glad to see it’s just not me that has this issue.

Same here. Flashing/flickering white light every few minutes. Have the oculus rift s

And same for me, as well. Rift S, 1080Ti, 457.09 driver. Every now and then a bright flash, as if you were in thick, dark clouds and had the strobe reflect back from them.

I experienced the white flash when I owned the rift s. I’m now using a quest 2 and have yet to experience it, so it’s definitely something related msfs2020/rift s.

Best to raise a Zendesk ticket so the devs can fix it

I have it on my Quest 2 so it’s not related to Rift S.
VR is full of visual glitches.


Hej @CareerCamera573 !
I did experience these random white flashes every now and then, not so disturbing though but at one point I did try ASW (which I usually disable) lock at 18Hz and I think it solved it, but The helix of the motor looked very nasty with the artifacts created by the ASW so I disabled it again.
Hope it helps!

I have a Quest 2, ASW at 18 Hz in Oculus Tray Tool, still get the white flashes.

I figured out what those ‘white flashes’ are.
This is the camera jumping out of the plane for one/a very few frames.
If you record while flying, you’ll be able to see it.
It especially happens with low fps.
Asobo must be able to fix that.
@Airwulfie can you try to repro and update your issue?

EDIT: OK it’s not the camera that is moving but the plane itself. You can see the front, a wing or nothing (hence the white flash because you suddenly see the sky for one frame without any cockpit around you). Got it on video, I’ll raise an issue to them.



I switched to G2 and the flashes are no more! Highly recommended

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I have seen the very infrequent white flashes with several VR flight sims and several headsets (DK1, Odyssey+, G1, G2, Q2) - think it is more of a video driver timing issue with apps that are complex.

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Constant flashing every 3 seconds with Rift S and C152 at KBOI at night. It seems to be the worst around the approach ends of the runway. The problems goes away a lot once you get away from the airport, but will re-occur to a much lesser degree if you fly over the city below 500’. I also get flashes in the menu sometimes. I removed everything in the Community folder to see if it made a difference. It did not. RTX2080 Super

Good to know. I’ll be buying a new one soon.

Rift S, RTX 2080. Msfs VR become flashing today. I can’t work with my mouse on the cockpit.

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