Odd aircrafts, like C-46, C-119 - any love out there?

Sure, everyone wants a PMDG 777, but what’s with the more odd planes - the cool old classics?

I surely hope 3rd party developers will take a look at historical planes like the Curtiss C-46, the Fairchild C-119 or even a Boeing 314 or Martin M-130. Maybe a blimp or Zeppelin?


You’re speaking my language now! I absolutely love the big radials, but I don’t need all the deep systems modeling like the current DC-6. I used to have a Boxcar in FS9, but I don’t remember who built it. I also flew Mike Stone’s 314 Clipper a lot! As for a Martin, I say “Go big or go home” - make it a Mars!

Personally, I’d pay for a 314 clipper upgraded to modern airspace requirements with a G1000 package and modern cabin accommodations. Imagine if you could build a dock in the PHNL’s Ke’ehi Lagoon and charge a premium to fly passengers in extreme luxury to and from San Francisco. It could even be fitted with the same t-prop engines that power the Saab 340 for ease of maintenance. The original radials were rated for 1600 HP, but the GE engines on the Saab are 1750 HP - more powerful, quieter, and easier to maintain.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 World Update 6 Germany - Lubeck Handcrafted Airport - Game Settings - YouTube Manfreds DC3 converts pretty nicely to FS2020. I fly this most of the time.

There’s a real, native DC-3 coming from Aeroplane Heaven. And of course, the Ju-52 that Asobo’s releasing at the end of the month.

I had the AH C-119 and C-46 (sold by Just Flight) for P3D and I really would love to see those in MSFS someday.

The Junkers will be a on-release purchase for sure!

The DC-3 from Aeroplane Heaven was mentioned months ago with a screenshot, but it seems it lingers somewhere in development hell.

Regarding the flying boats: Both where used by early-day PanAm and I’d love to see this keystone of aviation history and foundation of commercial aviation being resurrected in digital form.
Maybe in conjunction with the famous Curtiss Jenny for mail service…?

I wonder if these relics can be sufficiently simulated - some mentioned planes just did not survive history at all…

Are there any limitations? I miss that plane dearly in MSFS. How hard is it to convert?

Pilot’s GembH, The people who were developing the B314 for FSX/P3D announced they are now developing it for MSFS

If they price their Clipper for MSFS the way they did for P3D, I’m out. Removing essential systems like the autopilot and holding them hostage for more than double the base price is just poor customer service. They can keep the rest of the bells and whistles, but a fully functioning AP should be included in the base model.

Last update on the DC-3 I’ve seen was three weeks ago, fingers crossed it is close!

Big fan of the C-119 and C-46 suggestions, would also like to suggest the C-82 on the odd topic theme.

All - There are several planes I would love to see in this sim. I have it on good authority, that porting a plane from FSX, P3D or even X-Plane is almost more work than just starting from scratch. Plane developers also are not releasing lots of things because the sim is still so much in flux, and almost every update breaks something, which requires a re=issue of the plane, expensive to keep going back and fixing something that you did not cause. I want the C-17, the Connie might be nice, The Boeing 707, 727, and a good 737 also. The P-51 is out or rumored, the P-38 is out or rumored. There are a host of great old planes which could use this sim to explore parts of world, not accessable by big old jets. Can you imiagine landing in Subic Bay Philippines in the water and taxing up the the dock, unloading the passengers, cargo and then loading up and heading out again? For some planes to be as “real as it gets” we are going to need much more robust ground handling/cargo handling and passenger loading schems so the realism is there. To see what I am talking about, find video on cold and dark 787 on You Tube. It takes over hour to get this bird ready, then you will experience what real aviation is all about. That kind of realism would totally blow away all ofhter sims.

But when your sim time is limited like mine usually is, the last thing you want to do is sit there programming systems. For me, the joy of flying comes from actually flying the dang thing.

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I want all the planes of yesteryear that can only been viewed in a museum. More historic airplanes for sure. There is a big market for the glass cockpit jets of today, but also a huge market for classic airliners and military aircraft of the past. I prefer the latter, by a lot!

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Its not hard, but some users experience CTD now being caused by a mouse in the cockpit :slight_smile:

Don’t forget this one:


the Boeing 247 is historically significant for two reasons : it is the precursor to the B17 (same wing design, fuselage shape, etc - essentially just upsized to take 4 engines) and because it inspired Douglass to design and build the DC-2/3
The plane itself was considered a winner for its flight characteristics but did not have a cantilevered wing - instead the main wing spar passed through the cabin and created a problem for both seating capacity and convenience. It was a massive spar.

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Like I wrote somewhere else on these forums: I’m in love with the C-119 ever since I saw the opening scenes of the Flight of the Phoenix remake (the awesome song Gimme Some Lovin’ playing in the background didn’t hurt either). I would love to see a high quality rendition of that in MSFS.

Emphasis on “high quality” … I can’t deal with low quality add-ons that would already look cartoony in FSX or that don’t have any realism. And what’s worse: once a low quality aircraft was released, it’s very unlikely that another developer tackles a high quality version of that same aircraft, because the market for it is burned. That’s why low quality amateur or cash grab releases make me doubly mad: they do a disservice to the actual aircraft and at the same time prevent the creation of a good rendition.


I agree and have often argued that most aviation enthusiasts know or are familiar with most aircraft types and would install and fly anything of a certain quality - this is why QUALITY matters more than selection…because as we have seen - those same enthusiasts will absolutely NOT tolerate incomplete, or poorly made products of any type.
To developers I say “just make it right and it will sell better than you might imagine”

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Now you’re talking my language. Love the DC6 … seldom fly anything else these days. DC3 will be at launch purchase. And thanks @EdamllamaB … didn’t know about the Boeing 247, looks really interesting too.

Not much of a fan of modern jets, GPS or following the magenta line. Here’s a little project that I’m working on to do my flight planning. The simulation of the ‘Navigation Computor’ (RAF version of the E6B from '40’s and '50’s) works. In fact, it does everything you need, except calculate any of the numbers for you :rofl: tells you where my interests lie:


I agree 100 % !
Nothing worse than a bad graphical rendition without any system depth.

So far I am lucky to pick up 3rd party planes which check these boxes!

Good to know!

I had feared the DC-3 was pushed onto a dead end, but that link makes me hopeful again.
Thanks for the heads-up!

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