[Official] 2023 Reno Air Racing Series Exhibition Showmatch (Prize Giveaway!)

Together with our friends at Tobii, we are proud to present the 2023 Reno Air Race Series on our Official Twitch Channel. The first of these livestreams will have Community Manager SeedyL from the MSFS team and @ehrw5059 from Tobii racing against some of your favorite content creators from our streaming community!


Hosted by @Jummivana and Chewwy94
Drone camera operators: @Pieter2427, @simtom2


The Official MSFS Twitch Channel, https://twitch.tv/MSFSOfficial


Wednesday, January 25 at 2000Z

Everyone is welcome to watch the races, cheer on the competitors in Twitch chat, and show your support to the pilots as they demonstrate how using a Tobii Eye Tracker 5 can increase the immersive experience of flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Prize Giveaway

During the stream, Tobii will be giving away an Eye Tracker 5 to one lucky viewer! The winner must be present in Twitch chat at the time of the draw to claim the prize!

This January 25 stream is just the beginning, though! Stay tuned for a future announcement to learn how you, yes YOU, can participate in our 2023 Reno Air Racing series and compete for prizes against other players!


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Maybe it is just a lack of knowledge or skill that makes you feel so negative. If you want to find out how it actually works, try joining a group that has been racing regularly since day one.

Or you can just keep trolling against the DLC

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Sounds like a fun event! What time will the giveaway be happening during the stream? I may not be around for the entire stream.

Thanks :slight_smile: