[Official] [Charity] Over The Hump 2022

Friday, December 9, instead of our regular Community Fly-In, we will be hosting a longer (5-6 hour) charity livestream to benefit the Reno Air Racing Association. This event will be a historical re-creation of flying over “The Hump” in World War II.

For those unfamiliar with The Hump, this was a vital supply route to deliver food, medical supplies, and military equipment by air transport over the Himalayas in the China-Burma-India (CBI) theatre of operations. Flying over The Hump was considered one of the most dangerous and challenging feats of aviation in the entire war. In its early days, accidental non-combat losses over The Hump were nearly as bad as those experienced by air crews flying combat missions over Europe.

In 1944, the India-China wing of Air Transport Command was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation by Franklin D. Roosevelt. It remains the only non-combat unit to be so honored to this day.

Further reading: the definitive history of The Hump is written by Lieutenant General William H. Tunner, the commanding officer who led the airlift. His memoire, Over The Hump, is available as a free PDF download at this link.


Friday, December 9 at 1800Z.

Estimated Duration

Approximately five to six (5-6) hours


The official MSFS Twitch channel


Douglas DC-3

Flight Plan

Historically, there were two routes used during the operation, known as the “High Hump” and “Low Hump”. The High Hump was shorter, but it required flying over more difficult mountainous terrain in the Himalayas. The Low Hump, while not having the same challenging terrain and weather conditions, was dangerous in its own way as the route was within range of Japanese fighters. For this event, we will be flying over the High Hump.

We will be departing from Guwahati, India (VEGT) and stopping at Chabua, India (VECA) and Putao, Myanmar (VYPT), both of which were airports used during the real Hump operations. Our final destination is Kunming, China (ZPPP), the historic destination of Hump airlifts.

Pilots on PC can download the .pln file here:
2022-12-09 The Hump Charity Stream.PLN (2.2 KB)


Throughout this event, we will be raising money for the Reno Air Racing Association. Their mission is as follows:

The organizations supported vary from aviation related charities such as the 99’s, Civil Air Patrol and the local EAA chapter to the Knights of Columbus and Boy Scouts of America, and veteran causes such as Disabled American Veterans and Bees4Vets. As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, we operate this storied event through the dedicated efforts of our Board of Directors, a small staff, and over 1200 volunteers that handle the thousands of details required to carry of such a large operation safely and efficiently.*

Our vision is to “Establish the Reno Air Racing Association as the pinnacle of inspiration, education and exhilaration for people of all ages”. Our donors are the backbone of the Reno Air Racing Association. Charitable giving is critical to our programming, fortifying a strong foundation, ensuring the races stay around for many, many years to come. Contributions not only support the Races themselves, but now we have added Pilot Training Scholarships, STEM initiatives, or you can donate to our Areas of Greatest Need to give us flexibility in distributing the funds.

The Reno Air Racing Association is an IRS approved 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.


Mod that should pair well with the event: Flying the Hump » Microsoft Flight Simulator


While I won’t be able to attend the entire time, I will keep you company for a little while :slight_smile: I am really looking forward to doing this!

What time does it start East Coast eastern Standard Time.

1:00 PM start time

This sounds like big fun!

Are you gonna use the mentioned mod officially?

It seems to me, it adds some more airfields and/or adapts the scenery to 1940s-ish looks, which should suit the overall-theme extremely well.

It just would be good to know, if you´re gonna use it officially, so we all see and have the same scenery details.

Something else:

how about mods to improve the overall experience?

or maybe this one instead:


Should we all set the cargo weight to a maximum, to simulate the heavy loads, those transports where moving around the region?


The duckworks is an ABSOLUTE must have!!! I cannot name a single system in the plane thats not broken or bugged. It was an embarrassing release for AH. And that guy just came around the corner and fixed the game breaking bugs withing days, and there is WAY more to come. Yet no update from the official dev :smiley: So go get it and use it!!


Yes sir, i have them and i use them.

I just wanna motivate people to also take a look at them, especially @SeedyL3205 who is organizing and moderating this event. He is always extremely well prepared, so maybe he´ll like to promote those mods a bit.

To be sure: i am in no way connected to any of those mods or mod developers, i just love the DC-3 for ages and am interested in this event.

@St54Kevin do you happen to know this other realism mod a bit?

i wonder, if there are any detaily, which might be better in this one, as this developer has already released a lot of other realism mods and seems to know a real lot about aviation.

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I was born in Kunming, the destination of The Hump. Although I am too young to experience, I heard a lot of stories about it.

This story is definitely not funny but heroic. Too many aircraft crashed on the way of The Hump, because of low clouds, hitting the snow mountains, thunderstorms, wind shears, failures, and even the attack of Japanese fighters.

The mountains and hills on north route (High Hump) is very high. The DC-3s are not designed to fly over such high mountains, and you have to fly along the valleys. Don’t get lost, bro.

This journey will be very dangerous. If you are going to fly on this way, prepare your last letters, go and fly, and fight for the victory, the victory on the Asia’s battleground of World War II.


Don’t blame Aeroplane Heaven. Microsoft told them what they wanted and that is what they got.

Aeroplane Heaven does not own the model anymore, from a maintenance point of view, they can only do what MS ask them to to.

The PDF you shared of Over The Hump was a most interesting read, thanks. Chapter III is focused on the Hump.


I’m a long time simmer just getting back in after several years and I’ve never done a group flight. I looked at some videos and the group fly in looks like a flock of birds. While that does seem like fun, I’m wondering if this event will be structured? like being assigned a parking spot to start from and a sequence for taxi and take off. Like a real mission.

On which servers ( NA / EU ? ) is that happening ?

Hi @LdrhosnChrly,

Our community group events always use the SE Asia server.


that makes no sense you are scheduling events citing times on the 9th while the server you are holding the event on is located across the international date line. while ill be able to take off around noon my time, this event will start at 3am the next day in SE Asia. have you considered staggered start times for each server? SE Asia is …well I had lag issues playing on the North European server and SE Asia is worse than that in pings. Read a bit about the hump in school, but rubberbanding was not covered as one of the threats to aviators.

Some of us could escort in other warbirds perhaps?

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Are beta participants able to participate in this or will the version/server mismatch be a no-go?

No. Anyone can join or leave on any time in any aircraft. It’s a free-for-all. So no real structure. Having often 100+ participants it would be a huge effort to organize.

That server usually is relatively quiet, so less chance for multiplayer disconnects, etc. You’re not bound to a server, you can connect always to any server. We always choose SE Asia for all community fly-ins because of the reason stated above. Times and dates don’t affect the server you’re flying on.

Yes, multiplayer in this beta shouldn’t be separated.