[OFFICIAL] Community Fly-in Event: IFR Flight Seattle to Alaska

You should add an SID instead of a DCT to ARRIE. BANGR9 should be fine for RWY 16L/C/R departure.

First group flight for me – do we need to chose the North Europe server, or can I use one closer to me?

If you wish to see other aircraft in the group, you’ll need to be on the North European server. If not, you may not see everyone (just those that inadvertently connect to whatever server to which you connect).

Got it, thanks!

Question: When do we take-off? At 20:00z or will the hosts choreograph all the take-offs? Maybe the hosts will take-off first and then everyone else will go at once?

There is usually some buffer time - historically we have taken off around 20:10 or 20:15 as we take time to explain the route and go over a few things.


Thanks, Jayne! :+1:

If everyone could run FlightEvents tracker, we’d have a proper map with all the participants:

Since on airliners it’s harder to see all the people in sim, it’d be great to have as many of you as possible on the flighttracker map :slight_smile:

Holding at RWY 16 C…nobody here yet

There are quite a few on twy B holding in line for 16R already. Make sure you are on North Europe server :slight_smile:

Why are they not on taxiway B holding for RWY34 since we are going North?

Someone above said we should use 16L. Since there is no wind in the Few Clouds preset, it doesn’t make any difference.

Anyone know what Discord channel is used to chat?

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Join the FE Preparation channel ==> Changed to ‘Community Fly in’

All I see is a chat for a South Korea flight for discord.

That was great fun! And despite the little different flight plans and speeds, it worked out very well!
Thanks for organizing and hosting it :slight_smile:

Hands down the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in months. For anyone who wants to fly some more, my FS2020 name is, surprisingly, KevyKevTPA. And I’m KevyKevTPA#6583 on Discord.

Let’s do this again. Many thanks to @Jummivana, @simtom2 , and @Pieter1982NL for hosting this bad boy!


Indeed: fun!
Thanks to everyone who participated.



Glad someone got a shot of the planes lined up for takeoff!

(If you squint I’m in the fourth pic)