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And I’m certain a lot of people will like this new activity because it will cleanup the airspace from many other people who would be otherwise standing on runways or doing loops right inside the approach path :smiling_imp:

PS: it is just a 2nd degree joke of course, not something to read literraly.


Even if not, with collisions on, it would still require some skill and could definitely be fun. As my enthusiasm for aviation and being quite a tech junky. I can definitely appreciate the Junkers and the volocopter.

I thought the loops in the approach path was supposed to be the updated procedure to lose altitude and air speed though… :crazy_face:


So you’re happy just letting the sim stagnate?

You do realize there’s more than one viewpoint, right? If you don’t want it, don’t buy it.

You don’t want old, you don’t want new, you don’t want updates… :roll_eyes:

Please stop acting like one.


Can you prove that the aerodynamic simulation potential in MSFS2020 is objectively speaking BAD? Back it up with numbers and formulas please, so we can get an aerodynamics engineer or physicist in here to take a look. Are you up for the challenge? =) I have no problem with people criticizing the flightmodel of stock planes, no sim has 100% accurate, by the numbers stockplanes, but to claim that the entire flightmodel calculation potential is disastrous, GTA V like and worse than Xplane, requires evidence, not opinion, and most of all, it needs a solid background in physics and having piloted real aircraft. Not saying that you don’t have any physics background or a pilot licence, but if you do, show us what’s worse than what X-plane can do, in absolute aerodynamic calculation potential terms, so that we can put this whole topic to rest once and for all.

Flight Model Physics (

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I’m not an expert in this field either and I don’t claim to be, but I can recognize knowledge and expertise where they are, and I’d suggest you read this thread in its entirety to get started with:

All that is wrong with the MSFS Flight Model (Inertia, Stalling, Pitch Authority, Trim & Sensitivity) - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

PS: and more generally I’d recommend reading a lot of other topics from @Nijntje91, like this one:
Summary of missing items in MSFS, important to realistically simulate flight - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


will there be no developer update on the site today?

I see a lot of cool new things for my little nephew. But what about the serious sim stuff? When will that be fixed? Aircraft still act strange on the ground, there is no turbulence and no wind gusts. And one type of cloud. In a flight simulator.


I suspect that it has a lot to do with an axe and a carborundum wheel…


Dronespeed working since last update not more, it still by 4% so maybe this this copter is is a replacement

Odd, I can still change drone speed with F1 and F2, drone exposure however is broken Ctrl F3 and Ctrl F4 don’t work anymore and binding other keys to the function doesn’t help. It does seem to work on an XBox controller, but I don’t have one.

I don’t know but I think the JU-52 might be one of the coolest add-ons yet. To me Asobo and partners make the best planes - model, sounds, textures. I mean nobody else scans their planes in, and I’ve seen their recording equipment. But I’m probably in the minority on this forum, I fly for fun, to take in the sound and visuals, and to enjoy a plausible simulation of engines and physics.

Do you guys think about how many wide eyes and bright smiles MSFS has brought to the world? Shattering franchise records they say, which is awesome. That’s funding for development with no end in sight.


YES !! As a Microsoft Stock Holder, I say – BRING IT ON !!

Indeed, and perhaps a surplus of time over available other, more useful activities

This 57-year old is looking forward to it. It looks fun.

Never lose your ability to have fun. :blush: :+1:


yes true F1 and F2 works for Dronespeed, but its change more in the same time. Is crazy

Focus on the thread topic, NOT on each other. This thread will be actioned if folks don’t get back on the rails.


Can’t wait for the Volocopter. This thing desperately needs a vehicle that flies like a drone or helicopter so that we can go on sight-seeing trips more easily. It’s a lot easier on PC to get around menus, but on XBox it’s a right royal pain to fly, pause, go to drone view, close menus and unpause. Just unnecessary complex, and so this vehicle is a godsend.


This thing is awesome! I could never really fly RC helicopters but never had any problems with drones because of their high flight stability and computer gyros. I assume the Volocopter will fly the same way. And it flies without any rudders but by turning the flightstick - that´s an interesting fly by wire design.

By the way a year ago or so another fantastic helicopter was introduced - with four coaxial rotors:

The Flight Simulator should have this, it looks even more beautyful futuristic and minimalistic than the Volocopter :wink:
I never had the urge to have a real airplane but I really want this. This thing is awesome like a personal aeronatical vehicle, some kind of flying small sports coupè.
And it looks kinda small - I could fly it to buy groceries daily.


Agreed, and okay if they don’t loose site of the non xbox gamer crowd who want more study level components.

Aviation is about more than just flying A320 hands off at FL380. While realism here is important, it’s a small portion of the overall experience.

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