Official Discussion: Gamescom Announcements

ditto! 3rd party helis are super now, I can’t wait for the official integration!


Regarding the Reno Trailer, did you notice that the Cat-Six prop is turning the wrong way? Either the video editor goofed or the dev’s still have some tweaking to do.

Its the transitioning from Cruise to hover thats the difficult part. Good old vortex ring state is a killer.

The Ju-52 should be a lot of fun!

The screen shots of the Mustang look amazing! That’s the plane I wanted when I was a kid, and I even had the Official USAAF Handbook they issued to the new pilots. I knew it my heart back in those days. Can’t wait to fly the P-51 and the T-6 too… lots of fun in store! :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 10.16.33 PM


In summary this thread is a mix of people being excited to try new things and have more options (me included). This is combined with others who don’t like what has been revealed as it’s not what they want so we shouldn’t have the add-ons. Both show the passion for MSFS is high!

Bring on the revealed content!

(I’m also waiting for the first person/team to use the volocoptor as a base for a proper flying saucer)



“Don’t run! We are your friends!”


Would love to see VR kiosks set up around the world with folks competing in the air races. Should get some amazing reactions…but get the sick bags ready! :rofl:

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Exact ! This is Microsoft flight SIMULATOR

World Update 6: Nope. no interest. Had enough of those.

Local Legend I Junkers JU-52: What is that? Zero is the amount of interest I have for something that ancient. Still, if your video-game’s base default flight model was as good as base default Xplane-11 or the 3rd party addons in P3D, I would have been interested. But by now we know for sure that is not the case. And you are not helping established 3rd parties with porting their external flight models into MSFS either. Matter of fact, during the SDK Q & A you publicly refused to allow 3rd parties to override your comedy default flight model.

Volocopter: What is that? Nope.

Reno Air Race expansion: Please stop treating me as if I were a 6 year old kid. Thank you :slight_smile:


Exact! I think so too

This was fun flying some of these races back in the days for some of us:


No more childish than any F1 sim out there. I can’t say I’m particularly enthused by it, I must admit, but I do enjoy watching those air races on TV.


And I’m certain a lot of people will like this new activity because it will cleanup the airspace from many other people who would be otherwise standing on runways or doing loops right inside the approach path :smiling_imp:

PS: it is just a 2nd degree joke of course, not something to read literraly.


Even if not, with collisions on, it would still require some skill and could definitely be fun. As my enthusiasm for aviation and being quite a tech junky. I can definitely appreciate the Junkers and the volocopter.

I thought the loops in the approach path was supposed to be the updated procedure to lose altitude and air speed though… :crazy_face:


So you’re happy just letting the sim stagnate?

You do realize there’s more than one viewpoint, right? If you don’t want it, don’t buy it.

You don’t want old, you don’t want new, you don’t want updates… :roll_eyes:

Please stop acting like one.


Can you prove that the aerodynamic simulation potential in MSFS2020 is objectively speaking BAD? Back it up with numbers and formulas please, so we can get an aerodynamics engineer or physicist in here to take a look. Are you up for the challenge? =) I have no problem with people criticizing the flightmodel of stock planes, no sim has 100% accurate, by the numbers stockplanes, but to claim that the entire flightmodel calculation potential is disastrous, GTA V like and worse than Xplane, requires evidence, not opinion, and most of all, it needs a solid background in physics and having piloted real aircraft. Not saying that you don’t have any physics background or a pilot licence, but if you do, show us what’s worse than what X-plane can do, in absolute aerodynamic calculation potential terms, so that we can put this whole topic to rest once and for all.

Flight Model Physics (

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I’m not an expert in this field either and I don’t claim to be, but I can recognize knowledge and expertise where they are, and I’d suggest you read this thread in its entirety to get started with:

All that is wrong with the MSFS Flight Model (Inertia, Stalling, Pitch Authority, Trim & Sensitivity) - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

PS: and more generally I’d recommend reading a lot of other topics from @Nijntje91, like this one:
Summary of missing items in MSFS, important to realistically simulate flight - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


will there be no developer update on the site today?