Official Discussion: Hotfix

Finally got the update to show in the store, had to refresh the update list a few times, then it popped up.

Sim seems to be running good, so far, better than the last update in fact.

For some reason, I don’t have a radio in one of my Carenado aircraft though, it’s turned on, but the ATC says there is no radio or power? Maybe it needs an update…

I’m sorry, but I really don’t see what you are seeing as a problem with this. I really don’t know what you expect to see. I’m very happy with the clouds, but obviously your choice to raise the ticket.


As before, this is a streaming issue. Here’s my London:

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He has lots of red circles and arrows on his beautiful clouds by the looks :smiley:


I’ve now lost all the performance improvement gained from SU5 in Hotfix 2…

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They actually said WU6:

Yes, I don’t seem to have that on mine.

Mines running about the same in VR as it was after SU5/hotfix 1 ( ie great). Even left my Renderscale at 130, LODs at 3 and 3.5

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Paris was a beautiful place in the sim few months ago… Now I see this. This time I 'm really taking a break from MSFS


Nice to see the temperature spikes and the volumetric light fixed. I’m having no issues in VR, looks good.
There is one old bug and a new one I want to talk here.
The old one is the missing lighting on live-traffic. No NAV or Strobe or Beacon… That’s a bit of a bummer. No big deal, but it’s a little bit annoying if you want to find some planes that atc is reporting.
The new bug I discovered happens on flight planing in the world map- The time it gives for the route is way off. Almost double the time it takes to go to my destination. Also no big deal, but a little bit annoying.

But the clouds are better lol. You can’t have everything apparently. They thought we wouldn’t notice how they got the performance gain I guess.

I flew over Paris about an hour ago. Looked fine. I think I must connect to some Azure server that is lightly loaded as I never have update or photogammetry issues (Melbourne/Australia) - (Touches nearest wooden object)

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2 monitor set up and yes it looks nicer with this update with a nice steady 70FPS at 240MHZ even when low down. Still getting random CTD with no error messages as soon as i go near the second monitor to pull up navigraph charts etc. Been flying Flight Sims since 1979 and I thought I had seen most bugs. Was pleased to see Microsoft back, but oh dear they must have cut a good deal with Asobo to allow them to keep publishing updates that the buying public gets to Beta test and then apples a hotfix once the beta test is over and the public have spoken. Simply ridiculous what is going on. London is the prime example. For the vast majority on PC, it is a mess.


Not sure what your problem is as they look absolutely fine to me…think you’re seeing things that ain’t there


you’re lucky I guess. For me it seems worst and worst each time I launch the sim. Sure it’s smooth now and I have no CTD… But the scenery is just awfull now. Sometimes I have entire tiles that won’t even load, the image is fuzzy and totally washed out. Worst than FS2004 at moment and I don’t exagerate.
I’ll pass. I’ve many other games to play that give me fun and not disappointement. Fly safe.

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Totally agree, but they who defended SU5 in a condescending/patronizing way with the “there is no issue/bug it´s you´re system” isn’t admitted to anything either. On the other hand I rather like them all to stay away…


As with SU5 and the previous hotfix, I didn’t have any of those available for download.

Here’s a quick how-to for those similarly afflicted, till Microsoft gets their sh|t together with the download availability:

  1. get Total Commander
  2. navigate to your content folder location inside Total Commander:
    For MS Store installations it’s like this example:
  3. kill explorer.exe over Task Manager
  4. rename Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe to something other, enough to delete the _8wekyb3d8bbwe part to keep it simple
  5. start explorer over Task Manager (File>Run new task)
  6. open your apps list (in the Settings app)
  7. find MSFS and uninstall
  8. open Store, find MSFS, reinstall
  9. find MSFS in the Start menu, right click>App settings
  10. verify Build Number ( for the current hotfix)
  11. get back to Total Commander
  12. move over the contents of your Microsoft.FlightSimulator folder to the newly created Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe, skipping all files already present (there will be another popup asking if you want to keep all the long names, answer Keep all, and, as always, read all the prompts you see carefully).
  13. now you can safely delete the old Microsoft.FlightSimulator folder
  14. finally sign out of Windows and sign back in, just to clear any possible complications that may have been caused by the explorer kill in step 3
  15. enjoy your fully patched game
  16. wait for another download disaster to happen.

Footnote: the above guide works flawlessly even when you just want to reinstall the game if something went wrong, without the need to download the whole 124GB sh|t all over again, especially when you have a cr@ppy internet connection, or the local MS CDN server itself is cr@ppy, like in my case.

And still is…


garmin primary flight display is now broken on TBM 930 - it does not update any instrument readings, only synthetic vision works

Set your render scale at 100 to match your required output. You are rendering at a higher resolution than your monitor(s) resolution. This is bound to cause FPS issues.