Official Discussion: Hotfix

EVERYONE who touched their usercfg file should un-mark it read only and let it default back to new settings…


If you edited your MSFS config file, don’t forget to take it off read only!!!


hotfix breaking what?

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  • CTDs – We are currently investigating and are planning on several fixes for World Update 6.



Updating it now on xbox

Nothin on steam for me yet…

464 mb update on Microsoft store version (UK). Downloading now

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1.2 GB on XBox

464.1 MB in the Microsoft Store.


It was sudden
downloading in steam now

No in-game download for me on steam. I wonder if it’s normal?

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Downloading 464mb …

I don’t have any updates yet either in MS Store. Takes a bit I guess.


Mine did a small update via Steam, but when I start the game, it doesn’t update anything else. Checks for updates in the game, but just continues and loads the game…


I have done the mandatory update through steam, but no in-game update. Maybe that’s how it should be.

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I read earlier you downloaded the windows 11 beta correct? I did as well and had to do the update through the XBox app instead of the Windows store.

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Known Issue

  • In-sim ATC service radar can still report incorrect altitude (fix expected in world Update 6)
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I tried installing Windows 11 beta but it doesn’t work – there’s some corrupted install file in the latest beta and waiting for MS to fix.

I guess you don’t use ATC until Update 6. When is Update 6? Jan 2022? Later?

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I can confirm that at high altitudes, the ground resolution seems to be looking great, and the incorrect weather at high altitudes have been fixed.

To me all looking great, at least on my side, because I was mostly worried about the bad looking textures and the incorrect weather at high altitudes.

Thank you so much for everyone! Gonna enjoy it tonight and throughout the weekend :slight_smile: