Official Discussion: July 22nd, 2021 Development Update

I don’t think do, because the sdk runs on windows and there you could see the effects in the video.

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Yes that makes sense :slight_smile:

But then i wonder why they said they needed DirectX12 for the effects.
Maybe the SDK runs on DirectX12 and not the sim?

People in the forum might said that. The developers didn’t in regard to the particle effects. There are a lot of graphics features in dx12 which could be done better or more efficiently. But most of the things can be done in dx11 as well.

No seasons, it is just the winner of the last screenshot challenge.


From a technical point of view there is absolutely no reason why „real-time particle effects“ would require DX12. :wink:

For instance check out this link, real-time rendering „smoke and fire“ („particles“ in general, also for „snow effects“ etc.) techniques have been known for at least a decade by now (which includes DX11, of course):

Now of course the argument could be made that Asobo only implemented those effects in their DX12 part of their rendering engine (which, yes, would imply „Xbox only“ for the time being).

But I am pretty sure the „SDK demo“ (in the video) was done on a PC, so there are reasons to believe that „we“ (PC) get those effects as well come July 27.

As already pointed out the picture is simply the winner of the last weekly photo competition.

I believe the photos have simply been taken at different times (dusk, dawn, day, night), and possibly also with different „snow settings“. Already changing the clouds and also the time of year (different sun „elevation“) has a dramatic impact on the appearance of the scene (every photographer knows that and is using the corresponding time/weather sliders to the max, for best effect ;)).

Thanks. I didn’t think it likely but didn’t know for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean, they definitely have seasons in their list of things to implement in the future, but there is nothing specific known yet

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I saw that you can choose the date you want to fly in the weather menu of the new version in one video. That points at least in that direction.

You can choose both the time of day and date since ever :wink:


exactly, it just wont give you historical weather for that day.


So now we are talking about the weather - not seasons?

isnt weather part of seasons?

Uhm… no :wink: Is it possible that you are confusing „weather“ (as in „it rains today“) with „climate“ (as in „the average temperature in Europe during winter is X degrees, average precipitation during that period Y etc.“)?


Im talking about weather, as a generic term, which includes climate, atmospherics, Moisture, etc, which is not limited to but includes specific seasons. Talk generics, not everyone is a meteorologist, and there may be newbies here.

No, you were talking about “weather”, as in “it rains today, it rained yesterday, it rained 50 years ago in Rome, …” - historical weather.

Quote: " it just wont give you historical weather for that day."

That was your reply to mine when I said that you can already (“since day 1 of FS2020”) change the date in the sim, and that was in response to @AlexKidd71 who - at least I had the impression - seemed to have first noticed that “change date” feature in the video, and hence did not know that you can already change the date.

And the initial point was seasons (triggered by the photo at the top), and in order to implement seasons historical weather is clearly not needed (nor feasible - just think about the data volume, which would exceed the scenery data volume by far, let alone where (for a reasonable price) to get it).

Talk generics, not everyone is a meteorologist, and there may be newbies here.

So no, let’s not talk generics. Let’s be very precise and specific about what we mean, otherwise there will be confusions of what people will mean by “weather”, “seasons” and “simly changing th date in the sim”. Case in point already made :wink:

Seasons was planned for 2021 in the first place, and it was suddenly shifted as a 2022 implementation in one of the dev update snapshots. Not sure whether they would be able to bring seasons before 2023.

After the recent DX12 hoax, I really don’t believe in anything the dev team is talking about.

It just turned out their one and only goal had always been the Xbox release.

Do you REALLY think it’s a great idea to mix DX12 implementation with what is basically a huge re-write of the engine in order to bring the performance improvements in SU5? It would be a pretty crazy move in my eyes - changing too many things at the same time is almost guaranteed to create an unmanageable number of issues where you won’t know if the issues are caused by DX12 or all the changes taking place under the hood of the sim.


Well, I’m not the one who has, for the entire past year, publishing a snapshot pointing out the fact that they are planning the implementation of DX12 into the sim together with the Xbox release.

If it was a bad idea, blame the dev team, not me.

To be fair plans are just guidelines and not rigid or set in stone. I am personally not too fixated on or massively hyped about DX12. I think some people are actually going to be a bit disappointed when it eventually does come to PC. I am also not sure it will bring massive performance gains and it could even lead to performance drops in some PC systems.

I am however pretty hyped/encouraged by the performance improvements that may come to my PC version on the 27th.

I don’t really think either that we could really expect both DX12 and performance enhancements to be part of the same update. Just think what a ■■■■ shoot that could end up being! It doesn’t bear thinking about or the dearth of negative comments on the forum following the bugs which would obviously result from doing too much in one go.

I agree with you that ASOBO has put a lot of effort and time into getting FS2020 to market and maybe this has held back some PC improvements. Having said that to get the sim up and running on a console has required that they come up with a load of performance improvements and the PC version will hopefully benefit massively from this. Without an xbox version I think a performance update would have been much longer coming. So in the end I think FS2020 on the xbox is great news for PC users.