Official Discussion: July 22nd, 2021 Development Update

The latest Development Update is available to read below:

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Yay, another MScenery “gem”…


First glimpse of seasons ?

I thought it might be seasons. Or is it just the 4 Season Pack? They allow add-ons in screenshots, so…

Interesting choice, though.

Take a look at the visual effects tutorial video. We can expect blowing engines with a lot of smoke, haha. Nice particle simulation.

I am more concerned about when the (chinese localization under lnvestigation) will probably be implemented.

Will the special effects only be on Xbox because PC hasn’t got DirectX 12 yet?

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Now that would be a surprise!

Not impossible though and the sort of thing which ASOBO could do. It would be great though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think do, because the sdk runs on windows and there you could see the effects in the video.

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Yes that makes sense :slight_smile:

But then i wonder why they said they needed DirectX12 for the effects.
Maybe the SDK runs on DirectX12 and not the sim?

People in the forum might said that. The developers didn’t in regard to the particle effects. There are a lot of graphics features in dx12 which could be done better or more efficiently. But most of the things can be done in dx11 as well.

No seasons, it is just the winner of the last screenshot challenge.


From a technical point of view there is absolutely no reason why „real-time particle effects“ would require DX12. :wink:

For instance check out this link, real-time rendering „smoke and fire“ („particles“ in general, also for „snow effects“ etc.) techniques have been known for at least a decade by now (which includes DX11, of course):

Now of course the argument could be made that Asobo only implemented those effects in their DX12 part of their rendering engine (which, yes, would imply „Xbox only“ for the time being).

But I am pretty sure the „SDK demo“ (in the video) was done on a PC, so there are reasons to believe that „we“ (PC) get those effects as well come July 27.

As already pointed out the picture is simply the winner of the last weekly photo competition.

I believe the photos have simply been taken at different times (dusk, dawn, day, night), and possibly also with different „snow settings“. Already changing the clouds and also the time of year (different sun „elevation“) has a dramatic impact on the appearance of the scene (every photographer knows that and is using the corresponding time/weather sliders to the max, for best effect ;)).

Thanks. I didn’t think it likely but didn’t know for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean, they definitely have seasons in their list of things to implement in the future, but there is nothing specific known yet

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I saw that you can choose the date you want to fly in the weather menu of the new version in one video. That points at least in that direction.

You can choose both the time of day and date since ever :wink:


exactly, it just wont give you historical weather for that day.